Thursday, July 16, 2015

Anna's recovery.

Monday night Anna tried sand volleyball
Anna did very well on Tuesday when her wisdom teeth were removed.

She continues to use ice and heat to try to reduce the swelling.

After a couple days of liquids and soft foods Anna is dreaming of pasta and real food.

Yesterday I finished up a power point presentation that will be available at the open house for people to watch.

Eli is working with Grandpa on some projects and helping the rest of us get ready for Saturday's party.

Thank you Dr. Jim
Mom, Cory and I cleaned the garage today. Tables cleaned.

Cory shopped, getting most of the items we need.

He will head out for rolls, ice and anything we forgot on Saturday morning.

Tomorrow we will make some of the food and prepare the veggies.

In addition we plan to set up the tables in the garage.

Saturday morning some of us will decorate, finish up the food items, set up the tent/chairs/tables while other's will prepare the roasted pork.

Praying for good weather: looks like rain tomorrow but hot and sunny, Fauche weather on Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing many of our family and friends.

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Gillian Brown said...

Hope you are well recovered Anna and enjoying real food now! Maybe even peanut M and Ms!