Monday, July 13, 2015

Museums, Christmas and trees.

Friday we drove east to Midland, checked into our hotel and then headed to Frankenmuth.

After enjoying a Chinese buffet for 'lupper' around 2 p.m. we visited  Michigan's Own Military and Space museum, followed by the huge Bronner's Christmas store.

Then we tested our muscles and courage in the trees at an Adventure park with zip-lines and other types of crossing from one platform to another in the trees.

Ice cream on the way back and a bit of night driving time to the hotel finished out our day.

Saturday morning we checked out the trees and flowers at the Dow Botanical gardens.

Lunch, rest and then another museum.

Sunday we shared at Wesley Chapel. We set up our table, changed out some old prayer cards and met the early attenders.

We attended Sunday school and connected a bit with the attenders.

Eli and Anna shared for Children's Corner, while Cory and I did the main service. Mission minded churches are always easier to share at and they ask good questions.

After service the church holds a pizza lunch for the children and we enjoyed the good food and additional time to connect with the children and answer more questions.

Then we returned to Allegan. Today a rainy morning we visited the library for more movies and books.

Tomorrow at 12:30 we will be at the oral surgeon to have Anna's wisdom teeth removed. The end of the week we will prepare for Eli and our open house.

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