Monday, June 18, 2018

Cory's Haiti Trip..Part 2

Monday I headed back to Delice / Blessing after getting some pvc pipe and supplies in Port au Prince.

Hard cement layer over soft, rough cement floor
Resurfacing the floor is about half done, will take a few more days this fall to finish.

 Plumbing is mostly done and now a toilet works.

Planting macadamia trees
A few fruit trees, macadamias, potatoes, yacon and ornamentals are planted.

Pepino dulce/sweet cucumber has produced well the past year, along with some tomatoes that sprouted in the neighbor's yard and produced well on their own.

Plumbing challenge

Pepino dulce or "sweet cucumber"
Macadamia trees
Jackfruit at Fauche
The next Monday I returned to Fauche.
Peach palms from Costa Rica 3 years after planting & good grazing
We checked out all the gardens and most are growing well.

We spent part of two mornings weeding and trimming the tree nursery. 

Malay apple tree
On the way to the airport Friday, we stopped at Deep River Mission to deliver a few fruit trees, coconuts and see how the trees we provided a year or two ago are growing.
Many have grown fast and should start fruiting soon. 

Starfruit is already producing and had good flavor.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cory's Haiti trip: Part One

The flight to Chicago on the way to Haiti was cancelled but flights the next two days went well, I loaded up the truck and drove to Delice with Gener after one night at Fauche. 

Moringa leaf solar dryer
After one night at Delice I went to LaGonave for the WISH 50th anniversary celebration.

Organic moringa leaf powder from LaGonave
It was good to see the gardens that we started 20 years ago still producing moringa leaf powder and being expanded and improved.

We hope to bring this experience to many more areas of Haiti. 
The search has started for land to  develop a demonstration farm and moringa leaf powder production center near the coast below Delice.
Jeantiny and four of his children

We hope local farmers will at least grow leaves to sell for processing or even produce leaf powder themselves to sell in Haiti and eventually to the USA.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Not normal = weary

Life feels .... unsettled I guess. Not great, not bad, not really stressful....just not normal.

Now normal can be hard to describe as every day in Haiti can look different and comes with unpredictablity. But I almost feel like I've stepped into someone else's life.

This week I've: gone with Anna and Frizlin to a funeral for one of Cory's aunts; driven Anna to driver's education; gone grocery shopping; gone to the library; put gas in the car; cooked rhubarb; filled in several more pieces of the puzzle called "Thede's summer schedule"; took one child for a health appointment; made eye and dental appointments; attended a women's Bible study; texted with Eli; visited in person with an aunt and niece; started planning for Anna and Fritzlin's party in July; watched TV;  and used up LOTS of the unlimited band-width available to me!

None of these's things do I 'normally' do.

I did a few 'normal' things too like: cleaning, dishes, cooking, laundry, home-school, reading, communication by email/Facebook.

Transitional make me tired. Working on the house build made me physically tired. But I'm tired. A strange type of tired...not physical, not due to lack of sleep, not because of stress...but tired.

Maybe weary is a better word. Yes, weary--one of the definitions of which is 'calling for a great deal of energy or endurance".

The weary transition time can only be experienced well, with the Lord's help.

So I hope you're praying for me and our family.

Fritzlin continues to do well. Anna's enjoying driver's training and drove twice already. Eli's learning a lot during his training for camp. Cory will be heading to the airport tomorrow morning and should be in Michigan by noon on Saturday.

Sunday Sharing Locations:

June 10th      Woodside Wesleyan   Lake Ann  MI   11 A.M.
June 17th       Warsaw Wesleyan     Warsaw IN         am service   Pastor will pray for us. Table.

Friday, June 1, 2018

June 1st

Cory continues to work on putting a thin cement layer on the floors of the living room, kitchen, and hallway.

He plans to head north early next week to spend a few days working at Fauche.

Eli reports learning a lot about taking care of campers during his training.

We hope to see him for a few hours this weekend when he comes to pick up a few things and do wash.

Anna completed her high school work and is enjoying a few days before starting driver's education next week.

Fritz continues to learn a lot both during school time and after, for instance about spring flowers, and how to mail a letter.

He's enjoying trains and tractors that his cousins lent him along with Legos, drawing, and some TV time.
Prayer cards on the way!

I'm working on getting our summer weekend travel schedule set up and some appointments lined up.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day and changing things up.

Waiting for the Memorial Day Parade
The weather today was sunny, hot, cloudy, and a bit of rain. Good news, bad news, good feelings, sad feelings...a mixed up crazy kind of day.

We sent Memorial Day with family: Memorial Day Parade, hamburgers, swimming, and helping Eli.

Texted a bit with Cory around lunch. On seeing the fence parts yesterday he decided that it would be to heavy for our vehicle and he didn't want to risk damaging the Land Cruiser by taking a load up the mountain.

He now plans on planting only the plants and trees that he knows that cattle do not like. He will try to share a dump truck during the summer to get the fence up the mountain.

He could not get the supplies he wished for finishing the floor of the house but will 'make do'. He plans to head north early next week

We've totally enjoyed every moment with Eli over the last couple of weeks. Last night he applied to be a cabin leader at Camp Beechpoint. Today just after lunch he had a phone interview and shortly after 3:30 P.M. he was at camp joining in with the staff who started training yesterday.

We know that he will be a blessing and that the Lord will bless him for stepped outside of his comfort zone. He will take one week off the end of June to help with the Global Partners missionary kids while their parents attend Reequip training at IWU.

But we mourn the time that we will not get to spend with him.  This also means that I will be doing more driving than I've done in a very long time until Cory returns.
Smile hiding the chattering teeth...

We will be able to connect on weekends and look forward to hearing how the Lord is using and changing Eli. We are very proud.

I spend part of today contacting supporting churches. Added a couple visits to our schedule. Learned htat one of our long time supporting churches will sadly be closing in a few weeks. We will be praying for them.

Fritzlin did school early in the morning so that he could play with a wooden train set borrowed for the summer from his older cousins.

Anna finished up her math for the year! She plans on finishing up her reading tonight which is good timing as her diploma came in the mail today.

Now she can turn her focus toward preparing for Calvin in the fall and driver's education next week.

June 3     A.M.        Hudson Wesleyan        Hudson Mi           Sharing for 20 minutes in service.
June 3     P.M.         Liberty Bible               Pittsford MI          Sharing in the Evening Service.
June 10   A.M.        Woodside Wesleyan    Lake Ann, MI       Sharing in morning