Saturday, December 8, 2018


Truck is good for protecting seedling nursery trays under
 shade cloth... away from rodents and young dog.
 Fritzlin had a great week of school!

This week the workers moved excellent topsoil from where it would be wasted under our driveway, to  the nursery for use as potting soil.

The good soil area extends along the house so it is being terraced to conserve the soil and prepare as a garden area.

Looks like the 5 guys will have it done in three days! I look forward to getting some other erosion prone areas terraced as funds and time allow.  It should be a good example on how to avoid having a field of rocks after a few years of gardening.

'Honey Crisp' apple seedlings only 10 days between photos.
 Encouraging since so many things grow slowly.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

End of November.

Another week draws to an end with the start of December.

Fritzlin and I completed 6 weeks of school during the month of November.

On Tuesday we moved a second truck load of plants from the neighbor’s to our new shade-cloth nursery. 

In the house, the kitchen curtains are done and hanging and the bathroom floor tile is in place, awaiting grout. 
Due to very cloudy days our internet has been very limited this week, why I’ve not updated the blog. 

I tried to join our on-line mission leadership meeting on Thursday but the sun only cooperated for less than 5 minutes. 

Protests continued in Port-au-Prince and other parts of the country at the start of the week, but we are very thankful things calmed down and Cory was able to travel to Port on Thursday. 

He left the house before 5 a.m. with one of the guys and they returned a bit past 10 p.m. 

Their day included: traffic jams, bank, stop at Immigration to pick up our Haitian residential visas; getting Cory’s renewed driver’s license; picking up 2 boxes shipped in Sept. from Michigan; picking up mail [first since August due to some issues with getting our new Missionary Flights Port au Prince mail box], mailing our newsletters; buying 2 mattresses; food shopping; picking up clips to attach the fence to the metal posts and given a box of school books to deliver to Agape house…and more hours of sitting in traffic (street markets still jamming traffic after dark so the drive home took almost 5 hours, instead of 3 1/2 without bad traffic).

The guys worked hard on the terraces and the parking area this week. It’s very encouraging to see the rocks moving from piles around the house and yard and being put into retaining walls where plants will soon be growing. 

The guys also worked on the path from the house down to the nursery area. We plan to extend the path to a few other areas including where we plan to put a fire pit for visiting with friends. 

Please continue to pray for Haiti’s political leaders as they try to work out solutions to so many complicated problems that continue to frustrate the people and make them very vulnerable to folks trying to stir up trouble. The only true answer is God’s love. 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving.

Due to the political protests that started last weekend the vet clinic did not happen nor will we travel tomorrow for meetings with the national church leaders.

Dirt for garden and work on drive/turnaround
Please be praying for Haiti's leaders and her people during this time of country wide unrest.

Global Partner's missionaries on the mainland are basically shetering in place while LaGonave remains calm.

Praying for the Lord's protection and His will to be done. His wisdom and peace are needed in big ways to transform lives and the political situation here.
First level of garden area

Other than not traveling we've continued with our week. School went very well with Fritzlin and I passing the 30% mark of our school year.

Cory's guys have started the rock wall below the house and he has put up electic fence around his plant nursery to keep our dog Kona from chewing plants and the shade cloth.

Today, we'll enjoy some family time and special Thanksgiving foods. We were able to video chat a bit with Eli and Anna and some of my family this morning. Hope to connect with some of Cory's on Saturday when our kids are there.

Newsletters still sitting here waiting to be mailed. Will get them out when we can but we can e-amil to anyone who wants them electronically. Due to various issues in changing our Haiti MFI mailing address we've not received  mail since early August.

So very grateful to the Lord for all His blessings in our lives. Thankful for you!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Nov. 17 Update

We started the week preparing newsletters with the idea that Cory would try to go to Port-au-Prince on a shopping trip. 

But due to rainy weather and the talk of stormy political protests we decided mid-week that he should wait until next week. If you would like to be added to our mailing list let us know-most email copies have already been sent but the hard copy versions will now need to wait another week to be mailed to the USA.
House sits behind Cory up the hill a bit. 

Three guys worked on flattening the ground where the plant nursery with shade cloth will go. They moved a lot of rocks and dirt in a few days, days shortened by afternoon rains.

Fritzlin and I worked on school-even some extra, but don’t tell him that, in preparation for our busy week to come.

We also worked on the guest room, organization, and a few more jobs around the house to prepare for our guests. 

Wednesday night heavy rain filled the cistern and had us mopping up in several rooms as the strong wind blew water under the door, around windows, through the walls and tin roof. 

Monday, our friend and veterinarian Dr. Kelly plans to come up with her team. They plan to vaccinate pigs on their way up the mountain, overnight with us, and then hold a full clinic on Tuesday for Délice, section 5, where we live. 

Then we will have a couple of ‘normal’ days which will include celebrating Thanksgiving. On Friday, Lord willing, we will travel early down the mountain to shop in Port before attending a leadership meeting between Global Partner’s missionaries and the leaders of the Wesleyan Church of Haiti.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fence UP !!

The most exciting thing that happened this week occurred sometime last night.

The guys worked 4 days this week getting the fence in place and yesterday chased out most of the livestock, all but one black cow.

She left through the last small gap last night so after today's work the land inside the fence should be free from cows, horses, pigs and mules.

The guys will continue to work on making sure the fence keeps out animals while putting rocks in hollows where pigs could possibly push under the fence.

Very exciting as Cory's been planting avocado pits and although livestock doesn't eat macadamia or other trees we already planted, they could still be trampled. A nice rain last night should encourage growth.

Cory ordered one more roll of fence, when this arrives the guys will move a far part of the fence to cover more of a hill top where there is good soil.

This morning, Cory and I spread out the shade cloth and picked a good place for a nursery / hoop shelter to be built. The guys will start to flatten out the ground next week.

We also looked at the garden area. Cory started some seeds this week and ordered some more.

In non-plant news:

Our friend did make it up the mountain to work on the dog but sadly too late to vaccinate or see any livestock. We're planning to host her and some staff overnight on the 19th so that a full veterinary clinic can be held on the 20th.

Cory finished putting up (probably temporary) tin walls in our shower and a curtain.

Fritz and I completed 6 days and started the 7th of schoolwork.

We connected with our college kids and encouraged them.