Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Byers... Guest Bloggers.

Kris: Please be praying for Haiti as we hear rice prices have doubled in the last 2 days after 7 days of protesting, Haiti is in an economic state of emergency. Will try to get an update out soon.

We are Pat and Jodi Byers from Michigan.  We have been truly blessed to be in Haiti with Kris, Cory and Fritz.  

You have no idea how remote they are until you come here.  After leaving Port packed in their 4X4 we traveled up and down the mountain to an elevation of about 4,400 ft and 2 1/2 hours for only 16 miles on the road, more like a trail, no it is more like a rocky a two track that is nick named “mountain massage” ( I am sure you can imagine how bad he road is, if it takes 2 1/2 hours to travel 16 miles) you will finally arrive to their home.  The view is stunning.  You truly have your head in the clouds.  

We have helped Cory with his plants by building a shaded hut for them.  Cory has a mountain of a task ahead of him.  Cory is not only re-populating new plants to the area, he is educating the locals to a plan for tomorrow and respecting the land and crops.   Cory is introducing plants that will be more productive in this area to help them thrive.  Both Cory and Kris are showing and educating the locals of God’s plan of respecting and using the land for your survival and growth.  

We also are helping  finish their house to make it a little more like home.  You have to remember that if you forget something you can’t just run to Home Depot to get what you need.  We work with what we have.  

Corey has an awesome solar power system so they can have power.  They also gather rain and dew off their roof for water, since they basically are living on a rock.  

We have kept busy since we have been here, our days go by quite quickly.  We are exhausted and in bed by 9:00 every night and sometimes fighting to stay awake until then.  We spend time sharing things we are thankful for every night and have a great time of prayer before Fritz goes to bed.  

There are many photo opportunities up here so Jodi is very happy snapping away.  Kris and Cory have been so gracious to open up their home to us, It must be so hard to have us all move in and mess up their system and their home.  

We were able to spend our last Sunday at church at the Agape house that houses children from age 5 to age 16.  We could not understand anything they were saying, but could feel God’s presence on the porch we were worshipping on.  We could see Him on the kid’s faces, in their voices and feel Him close to us.  Carol read a book on St Valentine’s Day and Kris retold it in Creole.  After we did craft of a wooden crosses with a heart and colored pencils, they did a great job decorating them. We are going back tomorrow to give them a Valentine’s day party, we are looking forward to that.  

We are incredibly blessed to be spending time in this gorgeous place.  Want to leave you with words to ponder today from a quote on their refrigerator “Think deeply, Act justly, Live whole heartedly as God’s agents of renewal.”  God is good all the time   Blessings to you all

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Guest Post by Kris' Mom

  It is Saturday and we have almost completed our first week.

Work has in some cases been started and some completed, shelves are ready to be put up in the bathroom, bedroom,  lights have been installed, clothesline put up, school has been taught, meals prepared, etc…we have been busy.  

But that is not where my thoughts take me this morning.

 When we see how much Kris and Cory have accomplished on their home, we are amazed.  The house is truly now their home.  There are still many things that need to be completed, but the house is a safe, secure, wonderful place.  The mission at Delice has begun!

[Kris here-so very thankful for the help with house projects and getting the hoop house up. By helping us do what we can't do or jobs that stress us out to do or even think about, the team is helping us have the energy and time to minister and work in our areas of strength. ]

  What I have been pondering is the potential for the Lord’s kingdom in this place.  The presence of voodoo worship is very evident here.  

There are a few small churches, and at least one with over 300 attending.  

There are many, many people who need to be touched by God’s love.  

When Kris, Cory and Fritzlin return from their next trip to the states…they will begin traveling to the remote villages in these mountains.  

They will go and share information on health, gardening and the good news.  It is almost like they are early pioneers going into areas untouched by the modern world.  

Hoop house/ plant nursery.
And every one of the people in these villages, in these mountains is so precious to our Lord.  

We, in our lives, are so used to having availability  of the scriptures, Christian music, TV, churches…I think we forget or can’t even know what life without our Lord in it is like.  

A quote that I learned years ago comes to mind…”Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.”  

In this place is a huge opportunity for all of us to become involved in reaching people for the kingdom.  

Our children are in need of faith promise support, financial support, prayer support…the battle is real.   

  There is so much that is beautiful here, I wish everyone who reads these words could have the privilege of coming and seeing.  

But for most of you, these words will have to suffice.  May God bless this place.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Team fun.

Busy, busy week.

We're enjoying Kris' folks and friends of ours visiting. Monday we picked them up after some shopping in Port.

We spent the night at the Ortlip Center and then headed up the mountain on Tuesday morning.

With the vehicle fully packed, we left two suitcases at Ortlip to be picked up later. The picture was taken before 6 or so more bags were added.

They are brightening up our world both literally and figuratively.

One of yesterday's projects included putting up lighting in two locations in the kitchen.

The lights on the wooden wall at one point were on my folk's garage in Allegan and the hanging globes were from my childhood.

They once hung on a pole in Allegan but were shipped to Haiti when her folks moved to Haiti in the mid-70's.

 When we lived on LaGonave, I recognized the lights and claimed them back from the storage shed where they had been placed.

School under the old/new lights. 
 We brought them to north Haiti and now up the mountain.

They look nice! Hard to believe that they have not cracked over all the years and miles of travel.

The guys helped Cory with his hoop nursery while the women cooked and helped Fritzlin with his schoolwork.

Today they are working on mahogany shelves, painting ship-lap for the last wall of the storeroom wall, and thinking about where the outside clothesline can be put up.

 Praying for Port-au-Prince as large protests are set for today.

Continue to pray for Eli and Anna as well during their busy college days.

We continue to be thankful for the internet at the neighbors, especially as we try to set up visits and plans for our partnership development time this spring and summer.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Tree moving...

How many trees and plants can you pack into a Land Cruiser?   LOTS...

Cory enjoyed a short trip to Fauche. Thankfully the area is recovering from last summer's drought.

He not only drove to Cap Haitian to pick up fence, some barb wire, and posts but he also managed to visit the gardens across the river.

Hopefully he can fill in more later but at this moment he's busy grafting mango trees. 

Cory did not count but he packed a lot in the back, which also included 69 fence poles and lots of plastic pots.

We are also cleaning and preparing for my folks, Pat and Jodi to visit next week.

The Land Cruiser was dripping condensation this morning, from the inside roof due to all the plants. 

A blue tarp kept most of the dirt that bounced out of pots contained so not much cleaning before next week's trip.

Shopping list needs to be reviewed and added to before we head down the mountain.

While Cory was gone, three men continued to dig holes for trees.

Unfortunately they didn't keep track of how many holes  but it looks like a giant mole has been attacking the yard...or someone looking for buried treasure.

Once Cory gets some time next week we'll have a better idea of what is here.  Some brought here to see if they can grown here, some for grafting, and some for the village. 
He even managed to bring up a few ornamental plants but not everything from Fauche. 

Will bring more when we visit the end of March. 

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Trips with agriculture.

The early morning fog melted under the bright sunshine. Fritzlin sits at the kitchen table working on his math, while I prepare our e-mails for the time on the internet at the neighbor's.

The voices outside inform me that the three workers from the village have arrived to dig tree holes. Cory’s been impressed with the dirt found under rocks. If the hole ends up being to shallow for trees, squash or other vegetables will be planted in that hole.

The last couple of weeks of travel have included a variety of agricultural time for Cory. When we went for meetings with the national church meetings a couple of weeks ago we visited Extollo International’s training center site.  Cory will be advising as their landscape designer of the property where they train Haitian workers in building and welding skills. Last year Cory went and spoke to some of the Extollo students about agricultural.

We believe that the Extollo site will be a great place to educate and show people some of the rarer fruit trees that can grow in Haiti. Being only a few minute drive from Route national one it will be much easier to visit than Délice or even Fauche’s gardens. 

Last week before three days of meetings with our Haiti leadership team for Global Partners we headed up a new mountain for us as shared in the last blog.

Yesterday Cory left early, met up with Mike, who showed us around on the mountain trip last week, and together they headed to Fauche. Cory called yesterday from Cap Haitian where he went to pick up fence and fence posts that had mistakenly been delivered north. Last night he called from Fauche. Today they will be checking our the gardens and nursery at Fauche. Tomorrow Cory hopes to be home.

The next three weeks we will be enjoying family and friends visiting! We look forward to the great fellowship we will enjoy as well as to the progress we know that will occur. 

Eli and Anna experienced their first ever snow day on Monday when the cold, snowy weather shut Calvin’s classroom doors. [Updated..on their third one this week today]