Monday, October 15, 2018

Projects and meetings.

Oct. 16 2017
No big news...we have the floor sealed except the storage room and the small guest bathroom which is currently also storage.

Cory recently looked at pictures from one year ago.

The 1st story rock walls were up.

In many ways it has been a long year but in others short with much accomplished.

We will continue with smaller projects this week including school and getting caught up on correspondence in preparation to head down the mountain early Friday morning.

Smaller projects include: working on our bathroom floor and the shower; plumbing; planting; electrical wiring; and the floor of the storage room.

Friday and Saturday we will be participating in meetings with the other team leaders, national church leaders, and other missionaries.

Then we will head back up the mountain on Saturday with another load of our furniture and boxes from Fauche.

Oct. 20 '17. Before the floor was poured. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Mid-week update.

Don’t exactly remember when I blogged last…with cloudy and rainy days the batteries at the neighbor’s have been having trouble keeping up with power usage so our internet use has been limited by the lack of electricity.

This morning is sunny, so we hope to get this out. I write the blog while at our house so it is ready to go.
[Sun is out and have power, internet on….house is locked but thankfully we can connect to the internet from the front porch.]

The end of last week we started working on the bathroom floor and finishing resurfacing the rest of the house. This project will continue for a few more days. The process goes like this: sweep; paint sealer on the floor which makes it the reddish color; Cory then spreads a thin coat of cement. 

To allow us to still get into rooms we’re doing the floor in strips, allowing parts to dry before being walked on.

Couch cleaning has continued-removing lots of mold and red dirt. Once clean, tape covers the torn spots. We are very thankful for this couch that is SO much more comfortable than the set we had in Fauche. 

I also washed the windows this week. With the sealing of the floor the dust in the house will drop dramatically. Interesting…in Fritzlin’s room the dirt on the windows had some type of chemical reaction and etched and pitted the glass. 

Fritz's is the only room to have this..unless Anna’s does. Her room still has tin on the outside as hurricane season continues until the end of November and that room is currently used for storage. 

Friday, October 5, 2018

Week two complete.

We can now wash dishes in the kitchen sink since Cory hooked up the drain. No running water yet but progress!

Our house on sunny days heats up to close to 90˚.  Our new screen door helps cool off the house, keep the cat inside, and allows us to look out toward the driveway.

Kris worked on calking around the widows to limit the rainwater being driven in during storms. The guys worked on parts of the long driveway to repair and prevent erosion from heavy rains. 
We hiked to the neighbors on Wed. morning for a leadership team meeting via on-line video. 

The guys worked clearing around the satellite dish and putting up a protective barrier to keep the livestock away.

Daily unpacking, cleaning, sorting, organizing bring us closer and closer to knowing where to find objects and working more effectively.

Fritzlin and Mom work on school before Fritz plays with his legos, sticks, or animals. Fritz is also chief dish-washer. 

Cory put two coats of paint on the bathroom ceiling and two walls. The bathroom floor and shower is the next project.

The guys also will be fixing the stone/dirt ramp up to the front door as it did not fair well during the rainy season. 

Eli and Anna remain busy with school. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Second full week on the mountain

Today we celebrate Fritzlin being home for a full year. 

As slow and long as the wait for his paperwork to be completed felt-the first year flew by!

Fritz continues to be a blessing and spark in our lives. 

Fritzlin and I completed a full week of school and our first week of second grade to include more than just reading, handwriting, and math. 

With our return to Haiti and access to the rest of our school books, we added science, history, writing, Creole, and spelling.

Fritz also enjoys his own room, Legos, plastic animals, and playing outside with all the sticks he can find. 

Kona, Fritz’s dog, now occupies a new dog house so no more living in the garage or climbing on the pickup truck.

The refrigerator and radio are running thanks to the kitchen outlets being connected to our new solar/battery system. 

We are very thankful to be able to store food safely and to enjoy our praise music again. 

Last week Cory: purchased the panels and supplies; transported them up the mountain; built frames; prepared the location; wired; had the guys build protective rock walls and stick fences for protection; put the panels in place; attached them to the frame. HURRAY!!

Cory also hooked up our propane stove.

One other job this week consisted of trying to organize the tools. 

Having had some in the house, some at the neighbors, some at Fauche led to lots of mixed up boxes. 

We continue to organize and condense which is helping us save time looking for needed tools. 

Windy thunderstorms continue to show us locations to work on to make our house water proof and where not to put cardboard boxes, books, or electronics.  

Clothes dryer.
Three heavy rains during the last week drove rain under our roof cap, around windows and through the rock walls on the south side of the house. Thankfully being home allows us to plan how to fix these leaks.

We remain thankful for the neighbor’s internet to check e-mails and connect by messaging with Eli, Anna, family, and occasionally friends. Phone service in the house rarely allows a message to come through but it let me talk once with Cory while he was shopping in Port-au-Prince.

Eli and Anna remain busy with homework. Anna exercises with fun opportunities like intramural volleyball, and rock-wall climbing with Eli. She went to Chicago this week with other international students. Eli is working on life skills through the career center like how to interview and already attended a job fair. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Cory's shopping in Port-au-Prince today. So Fritz and I finished our school day, unpacked more, and are checking e-mails while trying to connect with Eli and Anna.
House just to the right of center. 
Bedroom before


First sunset.