Saturday, August 11, 2018

Anna's Thoughts About Our Travels. Roadtrip Post

 Each profession comes with it's own particular complaints. It is a fact of life, things people with similar job descriptions can commiserate about. 

For missionaries I think visiting churches can be one of those subjects. My family is very blessed with good, understanding, accepting churches, who make our visits good. 

But constantly visiting; having to travel; always being the odd ones out; wondering if it will be the same as it was when you last saw it years ago... gets a bit old. 

You don't recognize anyone, but they all know you. It can be annoying, cause you feel like you should know them too. 

But you have visited a bunch of other churches and seen how many other people since you last saw them. 

In your head, you know why you don’t, but it still gets to you. But despite all the annoyances, I think it is a unique gift, getting to go on these trips. 

Who else gets touch so many different peoples lives? Who else gets to experience so much hospitality as people open their homes (and refrigerators)?

 You get to talk to so many people and educate them about your country. 

You get to hear stories and have a lot of people interested in you and what you have to say. (Which can be good or bad depending on people, and the personality of the missionary) 

And even if having so many people knowing you can be annoying, at least if you ever become a celebrity, you go in with an idea of what to expect… :)

As much as we enjoy travel, we are glad it is done. Even me, the youngster, is sore from all the time cooped up in the car.  

But we had a great trip out to NY + PA, and got to meet lots of great people. Thank you to everyone who made it a successful trip, and for all the prayers.


Monday, August 6, 2018

2018 Eastern Road 4

Coming to you from Cuba, NY, the North Park mission house during a game of Life while Cory and Anna try to figure out some of the game details.

Fritz, Anna, and I played earlier and Fritz won on the last spin.

Today we've enjoyed a late breakfast, a short visit to the local Cheese museum, followed by a longer treasure hunt at the antique store.

A late lunch with left-overs from yesterday's pot-luck supper and rest time, we completed the movie started this morning and then the game of Life continued.

Let's back up a bit....Friday we packed up and went to the final service of Refresh. After the service was the bottle rocket launch. Fritz was given a rocket to launch by a leader who had made one.

On the way to Big Tree Wesleyan near Buffalo, we stopped at a park with a playground that Fritz enjoyed playing on.

There were trails and a river that was used long ago for lumber transport and powering a sawmill.

We enjoyed pot-luck supper at Big Tree and then shared about the work in Haiti before returning to the Cuba mission house.

Saturday we rested, did a bit of food shopping and when to the Cuba cheese store: puzzle, reading, park....

Sunday, yesterday, we drove back to Houghton, sharing a few minutes in the morning service as well as in the back by our display table.

Lunch consisted of yummy breakfast foods like blueberry pancakes and omelets shared with eight folks from Houghton. Always nice to connect with folks invested in one's family, Haiti, and ministry.

Back to Cuba to share with the folks at North Park. After a technical delay we shared our pictures and stories about the Lord's faithfulness before enjoying a pot-luck supper.

Chatting, then reading while the kids watched a movie before bed rounded out our day.

Fritzlin had us laughing today when he was trying to make us remember the weekend in WI at a Jack Links store display...'Why do they call him 'big-leg man'? He was thinking about Big Foot! ha..

Tomorrow we will head further East-looking forward to spending some time with Mme. Felician's [our dear friend and cook from LaGonave] daughter's family and then share on Wed. night at Wells Wesleyan before we start the travel back West.

Back in Michigan Eli visited the eye doctor and had a good check-up. He's resting up from his busy summer at camp and preparing for family time!

We continue to pray for so many friends and situations. We are continuing to pray to hear about Fritz's citizen paperwork and wonder when we will be able to return to Haiti.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

2018 Road Trip Post 3

Connections can be so fun...both new and old.

Yesterday we enjoyed participating in our first day of Refresh at Houghton College.

After breakfast and morning worship with great music we split up into activities for different ages.

Fritzlin went with the other 1-2nd graders for crafts with Mr. Blew.

Later in the day we chatted with him as  I first met him back in high school as my family would go out to South Dakota on mission trips.

Mr. Blew and family served in Fort Thompson. Great memories.

Anna chatted with a young lady working to peal paint off a big rock on the Houghton College campus only to discover that her missionary friend in Australia is a first cousin. So a selfie and message was

 sent across the world.

Cory and I split up for interesting morning sessions.
Talking to Pastor Paul between sessions about Anna starting college we discovered that his daughter and son-in-law taught for 3 years at the Christian school in Cameroon, Africa......where Anna's roommate attended!

The positive reports about her roommate-to-be are an encouragment to Anna and us.

We met some new friends and old friends at meals, during time at the pool in the afternoon and fellowship.

Anna sprained her ankle last week running through an obstical course and is on crutches.

But in the pool she could relax some of the achy musles as well as help Fritzlin with his swimming.

He is gaining strength and confidence every time he swims.

At the end when the pool was less crowded Fritzlin enjoyed jumping off the low diving board.

At the evening worship we were introduced and given a few minutes to talk about Haiti. This morning at 10 a.m. we shared about our ministry in Haiti and the new AMP team.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

2018 Road Trip Post 2

Monday morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast with Carol, a few more games of Uno, loaded the car, and headed to the Heinz Museum in Pittsburgh.

We learned some history, science, about katsup, window making, polio vaccines. Mr. Rodgers and much more.

Back in the car we headed to Julian, PA to visit with the nice folks at Brookside church.

Although we were on Haitian time, it took us a bit longer than expected to get there, they waited for us to start a great meal.

After sharing the meal we shared about Haiti.

Then back on the road.

After a good nights sleep at a hotel we headed north and spent the day with our Whig Street Community Church friends in Salamanca, NY.

Go-cart rides, talking, leaf races in the creek, humming bird watching, admiring the flowers and wildlife were nice ways to spend our afternoon.

Then another great meal and sharing! Sorry no pictures as we were busy enjoying the food and talking.

Back into the car for the trip to Houghton college, where we will spend the next couple days at the Refresh Retreat and Family Camp. 

Monday, July 30, 2018

2018 Road trip..slightly filtered. Anna guest blogger.

Hey, this is Anna, and my mom asked me to write something for the blog.

We are on our NY/PE trip, which we take like, every 4 years. We are only two nights in, so not to much has happened. We left Michigan at 1/4 till 9, (not the driver)... and finally stopped to visit with some friends who used to live on LaGonave. We then went to another couple's place to stay the night, who were very nice and had lots of good food, including an unhealthily delicious breakfast (including the cake left over from the night before heh heh). {Thank you Don and Angie}

Next we headed out for Sandy Lake Wesleyan Church, where Mom spoke and we got to listen to the sermon.  {Always good to worship with good music and to be able to listen to the sermon. Fritzlin enjoyed children's church}

We went out for lunch, though we weren't particularly hungry after the breakfast. And then we drove to a friend/past missionary's house to stay the night. We went out to Mexican for supper, only got three plates to split between the four of our family, and still ended up stuffed and needing a carton for the extras...and people wonder why missionaries gain weight while in America? Hospitality & sitting in a car. That is why. Everyone keeps telling me to beware the Freshman 15... I might loose weight just from not sitting and being fed so well.

  That night, after Fritz went to bed, we watched The Gods must be crazy II, a great movie which is very popular amongst missionaries for some reason. I was personally unable to breath, and tearing up from laughter at certain parts. Carol even gifted us the movie, so we will be watching it again...

This morning we had fun with her parrot Sammy, who was fascinated by my ace-wrapped foot. (For those of you who don't know, I sprained my ankle)

{Today we plan to visit a museum and wander our way north a bit where we will be visiting Brookside Wesleyan Church for supper and sharing. Sorry for the lack of pictures..will try harder. Kris}