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Global Partners Missionaries, in Haiti for 17 years.  GP

Ministry Goal: "for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ." Eph. 4:12 Support, (then search "Thede" or our number "WM04-0278". Our page includes a link to a short three-minute video.

Equipping the Saints: Through education-agricultural, medical, and spiritual -Haitian Christians can better touch others for Christ. One improved life impacts many lives in one's family and community. We hope to strengthen the faithful and draw others to the Lord by meeting needs.

For Work of Service: Striving to upgrade food and medical resources, we attempt to improve the health of the Haitian people. Healthy people can serve more, opening doors for others to see God's love and receive freedom.

Building up the Body of Christ: We host teams, who come to encourage, pray, work and partner locally. We share global prayer requests, and the Haitian church participates in building up His believers. 

Cory: Earned a degree in horticulture [fruit trees] from Michigan State, after two years at Cornerstone University.  Next he interned at Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, ECHO. He then served almost two years in Brazil during three trips with Project AmaZon, PAZ. He has introduced over 100 new types of fruits, nuts and plants on the Fauche Wesleyan Campus in Northern Haiti. He's a consultant on tropical trees, plants and agriculture projects around Haiti and beyond.

Because the campus no longer contains space for new trees, Cory rented two gardens off campus for new fruits. We live in an area with above-average rainfall for Haiti. Major projects include: disease resistant bananas, semi-dwarf breadfruits, star fruit, peach palms, jack fruit, perennial peanut, and more.

Kris: A farm kid & Third Culture Kid [TCK] who lived on LaGonave for two years as a child. Trained as a family practice doctor, finishing at Michigan State CHM and residency at St. Joe's in South Bend, Indiana. Current jobs consist of teaching Anna and assisting Cory.

Kris authored a Haitian Creole health book, Konsey Pou Viv Pi Byen [Advice to Live Better] in 2010, currently on the third edition.  Spring of 2015, we published a second Konsey book that focuses on: natural remedies, under-appreciated or new plants, Christian devotionals, agricultural techniques, and a few items that should have been in the health book. 

 Summer of 2015, we completed a third book aimed at children under 12 years of age and combines appropriate information from the first two books.

Kris remains our primary correspondent with our support team and the world, but her dyslexia necessitates Cory editing the bigger projects. She also enjoys learning more about TCKs not only because 3/4 of the family qualify but because as a unique people group, they are very interesting.  She's a lover of reading and music of many types.

START: Our home school name. Striving TAchieve Remarkable Things. Curriculum consists primarily of Sonlight with some extras.

Eli: Freshman at Calvin College, studying engineering. His interests include: machines, science, Legos and computer games.

Anna: High energy, bubbly high-schooler. Her interests include: animals, people, fun, music and volleyball. She enjoys crafts and computer games.

 Grafting Treasures is our second blog telling the story of our adoption journey. Paperwork started in March 2013. We met our new son, F, May 2015. Praying that F, born Oct. 2010, can come home soon.

Kodiak: pet cat, source of giggles and smiles.

Life in Haiti: First 9 years [9/11/98] spent on LaGonave on the same compound Kris lived for two years as a child. Most of our ministries focused on the Wesleyan Hospital. Cory partnered with  WISH  on moringa and date palm projects.   The agricultural work continues on LaGonave through Starfysh. The nurses Kris taught and medical protocols continue to serve in the hospital on LaGonave. Caribe Atlantic Area

Moved north at the invitation of the Wesleyan Church [8/15/07]. Fauche is about 20 minutes from Route National 1 and consists of many scattered homes under trees and near a river that runs into the Atlantic after running about 10 miles along the dirt road. The Wesleyan campus also houses a school [pre-school up through high school] 500+ students strong, a medical clinic and small six bed hospital, the Fauche Wesleyan church, guest house, office of the Northern district, a Compassion International Child Survivor project and Cory's gardens. 

Other projects: supporting three Kid's Clubs, Fauche video outreach, adult literacy classes.

Updated Oct. 2015. Questions-please ask.

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What an interesting blog, and answers to prayer! Paul and Laconda Wilson, Livonia, MI