Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Open House Celebration

Wow what a weekend!

Early Saturday morning my Uncle came with a big tent and walked us through the set up.

We then added ten tables and chairs. With the possibility of a thunderstorm coming in, we did not decorate then.

We continued to work on food and decorations until the time came to process the roasted pig!

My folks, Eli and I headed out while Cory prepared to pick up bread rolls and ice.

Anna remained home.

Just as we started to work on the meat a large dark rain cloud opened up forcing us into a barn to finish up.

 Cory and Anna made sure things at home were OK.

The storm passed quickly as we finished up the meat, returned home and started to decorate.

Our first guests arrived just before 2 p.m.

The next four hours were full of food, fellowship and fun as we reconnected with family and friends.

At 4 o'clock as planned, Cory and I did a short update about our family and ministry and answered some questions.

The number of guests dwindled by about 6 p.m. as we rapidly picked the tables and chairs under the tent as a second storm rolled through the area.

With many helping hands, the tent area was down and put away before the first rain drops fell.

The few of us remaining ate and visited in the garage before the final clean up. Then we put up our tired feet and watched Eli open his gifts and many cards.

We put a few things in the car for our Sunday morning speaking engagement before bed.

And made sure our clothes were ready for Sunday morning and a couple of days of family time at the Thede Cottage



Mary Selden said...

Congrats Eli, and God's blessing as you begin the next adventure.

Missus Wookie said...

Congratulations Eli. Looks like a great day, nice size of BBQ too.

Chris and Kath Sloan said...

So very good to see you guys. Even though we did drive through that crazy thunderstorm on the way home in which our drivers side windshield wiper promptly broke. Very exciting! Eli should be glad he wasn't driving that evening! Love the picture and your awesome family!