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Partnership Development: Before we can return for our next term, a check-list must be completed which includes financial clearance.  Lots of prayer and planning to make sure we use our time in the USA wisely. 

Please join us in prayer for the Lord to open the doors increasing our faith promise [FP] support so that we can return to Haiti mid-summer. This could be through current supporters increasing their faith promise, renewing FP and one-time gifts. We will also be connecting with new churches and individuals. 

At the end of this term, faith promise partners who had not donated or updated their faith promise commitment were dropped from our team, jumping the amount we need before returning to Haiti in addition to the FP we currently lack. Cost of living continues to increase and our target amount covers a projected 4 year budget, 2019-2023

Remember that Faith promise is not a pledge-it is the amount that you feel the Lord is going to provide through you. As the Lord provides, it is sent on to Global Partners [GP]. You step out in Faith letting GP know what you are willing to send when provided, and we step out in Faith that the Lord will provide the funds for our next term. 

If your faith promise commitment is 'continuous' then you do not need to do anything. If you wish to increase the amount just let GP know. If your last commitment was to 'term end' please renew. 

You can check on our FP goal by going to this link.

As of April, GP missionary FP goals have been adjusted to also take into consideration the current cash balance of each missionary.

We do not know how or when the Lord will provide but we know and trust His provision. We praise Him now in advance! 

We believe that the Lord wants us in Haiti working to help Haitians support their families, churches, and communities. Food insecurity continues to be a huge problem in Haiti and we can be part of the Lord's solution with a strong support team backing us up. 

Thank you. 
Courage in Christ!

Being a visual person I'm going to include a way to track our goals.


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