Monday, April 2, 2012

New month, new pew, new roof. New feats?

  Enjoyed Palm Sunday yesterday sitting in a new pew. Sets well. 

Enjoyed the lively singing as we started Holy week with our Haitian friends. 

As we prepared for bed last night the air continued to vibrate with the distant shouts from a evangelistic youth rally [starting a week of meetings] in Port Margo mingling with the distinctive sounds of drums and chanting from a Voodoo gathering.

Today the air quickly warmed making one think of summer heat even though cooler spring breezes mingled with the steamy air rising from the moist earth. Today's cold shower felt good, no courage needed to wash the hair!

I saw two patients in clinic one a 13 year old Fauche boy with malaria made me wonder if my feverish 14 year old boy may share the diagnosis. 

So far just the fever and headache so will wait and pray until tomorrow morning to see if we need to take Eli to the laboratory for any testing. 

 He knows to stay hydrated or mom will call the nurse up to put in an IV.

I'm thankful that my 'sick' computer now can be used by a second monitor. 

About one month ago my Mac developed a very annoying habit of blacking out the screen randomly. Started only rarely blacking out but increased in frequency until little work could be accomplished. 
New roof for new high school class room.
Cory found a Dell monitor on line which arrived with last week's cargo. So now with the second screen I can once again use my Mac for projects.

Today's main project consisted of connecting family names with photos for the March team's churches to receive Kid's Club families to pray for weekly. 

Because so many families share homes this task takes up more time and mental energy than one may think.

 A few families continue to confuse me so I'll again need to ask the leadership for help. 

As part of a new month I'm working on a list of feats I'd like to accomplish this month..OK a basic to do list but I like the sound of 'new feats' better.

One of my goals: improved blog titles. Please let me know how I"m doing. 

Please pray for Eli to return to his normal good health. 


Missus Wookie said...

Oh I hope Eli feels better soon and doesn't need either that IV or malarial treatment.

New Feats huh? I wondered if you were getting a pedicure... but I like the alliteration.

Lino Kosters said...

I'm with you! I’m also happy and relieved with the completion of the high school's roof. All the hard work paid off, and we are looking forward to a well-maintained and functional roof for the years to come. Cheers and congrats! :)

[Lino Kosters]

Anonymous said...

Wow, that’s a lot of new things! How are those things holding up? I hope the churchgoers are thoroughly enjoying these new things. =) I think it’s more fun to do something, such as going to church, when there are new things around. It somehow gives someone a fresh perspective.

Ashlee Starns