Friday, March 16, 2012

Paint on.....paint off.

Another fine Fauche day filled with working together while fellowshipping. After a bit of rain last night the clouds moved on for a nice sunny day with temperatures in the 80's.

Scrapping. Two walls completely done and a great start on the additional two walls.

Anna nicely started the sweeping clean up for us this afternoon.

Tomorrow morning we plan to finish the scraping and clean up in preparation for painting the room next week.


Fred and DeWain worked on giving the hospital room ceilings a nice coat of white paint while a few of the others painted three of the new church benches brown. The OB table received a reddish brown coat of rustoleum paint.

Right before lunch the team cleaned up and then looked over some Haitian made items for sale.

Cory confirmed sadly that the exit tax to leave the country jumped in the last couple of weeks up to $60 US a person to leave. At least the folks knew this prior to making their purchases.

While we would not mind a longer visit we know that their families and responsibilities back in the USA would suffer with a longer trip.

The afternoon's work ended at 4 p.m. so that Cory could lead a tour of the campus gardens and talk about the various plants and trees.

 Seeing in person the agricultural work and being able to ask questions one learns a lot about the potential benefits from sustainable agriculture.

Soon we will sit down to supper. For lunch we enjoyed Haitian rice and beans with red sauce, fried chicken drumsticks and beet/egg salad. Hot out of the oven rolls tasted great. Tonight we will share spaghetti, coleslaw, banana bread and fresh molasses cookies.

Popcorn with either Friday game night or movie night depending on what the team decides to do with Family Fun Night.

Tomorrow we plan to work in the morning and if the weather continues to be nice head down to the beach. Thank you for your prayers. 


OliveTree said...

I enjoyed reading up on your doings. Blessings on your work with this team. I wish I were there to eat those meals you describe!

Missus Wookie said...

I always enjoy seeing the practical aspects of your work - and of course the gardens.