Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebration at the Beach

Today we started the day with Cory's wonderful pancakes [some mulberry] and lightly dyed green hard boiled eggs fro St. Patrick's Day. Then off to work!

The cholera room scraping finished to the relief of many of us.

The ceilings in 3 hospital rooms and the nurses call room now shine nice and bright white.

Three church benches received a second coat of pain while a few others received their first coat.

Some cooking, cleaning, laundry, water filtering also completed.

After a lunch of creamed chicken on toast and fried bread fruit we loaded into the big rented truck and headed to the beach.


On the way back we stopped by a Wesleyan church and then the Port Margot bakery for a tour.

In addition to my first ever tour of the bakery I asked Brother Ambroise about his wife's health.

We requested prayer for her a couple of months back as she needed to have brain surgery in the Dominican Republic.

Her surgery went well but the tumor did prove to be metastatic cancer.

Because of her two treatment courses of radiation for breast cancer she can not receive any more radiation but continues with chemotearapy.

Her head aches did improve after surgery.

Back to the compound for showers, a load of beach laundry, supper [pizza and fresh bakery rolls and bread], devotions and fellowship. 

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Missus Wookie said...

Sounds like a productive day. I'm sorry to hear of the metastistic cancer, always a sad diagnosis.