Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Market visit to Moringa

 Today following breakfast the team loaded into our truck along with Cory and Anna to visit the Port Margot market.

Thankfully when a pickpocket lifted Cathy's camera from her pocket she knew it and asked him nicely for it back.

Amazingly he handed it back to her.

A few people bought machetes and small Haitian lamps made from old empty evaporated milk cans.

Back on campus, put a few new curtains up in the pharmacy and hospital while most of the team had some personal time or interacted with some of the school children.

Lunch consisted of Haitian rice and beans, fried chicken, goat and breadfruit.

After a short break the painting, door repairs, small jobs and laundry.

Eli and I made a couple of pies for tonight.

Supper the team will try Moringa and some tuna salad along with some left overs.

I just learned that a couple of the team stuck their fingers in a fire ant hill to see who could keep their finger in the longest?!?!?

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