Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Impact of home visits and pastoral sharing.

Second bright green coat on some of the wall while both the top and very bottom received touch up as well as small rough low spots that the roller did not paint.

Scraping restarted in the vital signs room.

Church bench painting continued as well as some screen replacement on our house.

 Cathy received orders, measured and started working on curtains for both the cholera area as well as for the pharmacy.

After a morning of work we enjoyed creamed eggs for lunch.

At 1 p.m. Pastor Immanuel came and shared about his work and some requests for prayer for the area.

 He also talked a bit about the religion of VooDoo.

Then at 3 p.m. our local pastor, Pastor Jonus shared along with our district superintendent, Pastor Denord.

One thing that struck the team was that each asked for prayer for his own personal faith to remain strong and growing.

At 4:30 we split into two groups and headed out to visit some of the homes of the children who attend Kid's Club on Sundays.

Our group visited several homes-sometimes being invited in to sit while other's we remained outside.

We asked about how many people lived in the homes and what their greatest prayer requests would be.

 We prayed with each family in both English and Creole and then took some pictures.

Our goal is to find families in the two churches represented by the team to 'adopt' a home to pray for regularly.

I think the team is tired but a good tired.

We will enjoy a supper of Haitian pumpkin soup- the meal they serve on Independence Day, January 1st. Then the team will share following the washing of the supper dishes.

A great day. After doing home visits I always ask myself why I wait so long between visits.

I always learn a lot, realize again my blessings and appreciated the location and ministry that the Lord blessed our family with in Fauche.

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