Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Magnetic Bookmark Project

Anna's on left. Mine on right.
As any long term follower of our blog and life would of realized we enjoy reading and lots of books.

Along with reading and using lots of books for school come the frustrating problem of loosing one's place in the book when book markers and small scraps of paper used as a marker fall out of the book.

A few years ago for Christmas I tried making some yarn book markers that consisted of a loop of yarn connected to a small plastic mesh square covered with yarn in the patter of the owners initial.

They worked a bit but not as well as I would of liked.

One team member wife send with him gift bags for the children and I. Anna's bag included a set of wonderful magnetic book markers!!! These work great-thin, two sided that then attach through the page to securely mark one's place without damaging the page or falling out.

So I quickly thought of a couple of thin magnets on my refrigerator. Now I own a set of homemade magnetic book markers that I hope will last a long time.

1. Find a thin magnet.

2. Cut into matching pieces. Will need two pieces for each book mark. Mine were 1.5 inches by 2 inches. Anna's a bit thinner and longer.

3. Find a bit of scrap cloth, or flexible thin plastic may also work.

4. Cut the cover material so that it covers both pieces of magnet placed together [2 narrow ends] with a small gap between them. [This allows the book marker to be folded over the page.]

5. Work on a piece of paper for easy clean-up.

6. Liberally apply glue [I used fabric glue but I think any basic glue would work] to both magnet backs.

7. Carefully glue the cover on. Remember the small gap.

8. Clean any glue off the magnet side of the book marker.

9. I let mine dry with the cloth side up.
10. Once the glue dried I trimmed off the extra cloth.

11. Make sure glue is totally dry before using as you don't want to glue the pages of your book together.

12. Enjoy and send me a note or even better a picture of your completed book markers.

Not crafty? You can find these on-line or perhaps at a local book store.

A rainy day, perfect for school and office work.

Thankfully fit in three loads of team sheets and towels yesterday so down to one last load.

 Cory heading to Cap Haitian tomorrow for cargo run and shopping.

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Missus Wookie said...

Fun project - glad you have some more bookmarks :)