Monday, February 20, 2012

LaGonave Accident Report from a treating nurse.

Received this report from a nurse who helped with some of the accident victems. Will share bits and pieces of Beth's e-mail to me as well as an E-mail they send to their supporters. I added the bold emphasis-while the LaGonave Wesleyan medical team does not have all the up-todate labs or equipment that other places may have they have some wonderful, skilled staff that daily make a difference in the lives of those they treat and interact. 

Roads and medical care in Haiti mean that rarely does an victim receive care in the first hour following an accident. The LaGonave staff helped to stabilize and give primary treatment to the patients while transportation to the mainland of Haiti was arranged. 

Pray for the folks who helped out yesterday as well as the Matènwa school, staff, accident victims and the families involved. 

Hi Dr. Kris...I’m sorry to not have sent this to you sooner.  Sent it out yesterday to our supporters asking for prayer.  Everyone here worked as a team and got these 12 folk to the mainland.  Seven went out with MAF and 4 via U.N. helicopter.  Not sure what the connection to the U.N. was or how they knew- but all of a sudden they were coming.  Landed on the saline.  [salt flats]

  Wish I could get word though on how they are doing.  If you know if anything would you please let me know.  The seven who went by MAF I didn’t have as much to do with.  They were banged up pretty good- but not all needed evacuation ( I believe they just wanted to stay together).  

 Dr. F was his usual wonderful self and Dr. Ali, Dr. Sam(Cuban),Vero and Mirium- everyone did a great job.  There also happened to be a group of North American docs around who showed up and helped out.But it was great to have them as there were so many people. 

  The one going by helicopter were going to the Argentinean Field Hospital.  The MAF folk – I don’t know where they went in the chaos. If I hear I’ll try to keep you informed.  Beth

Greetings Everyone.
    We have had quite a day here today.  A team of visitors to the Island of LaGonave(not a team of ours , but another group visiting in the mountains), had a Motor Vehicle Accident today and 12 people ( in the back of a pickup truck) were injured. Many of them very seriously( head injuries, multiple fractures, internal bleeding to name some). Some were Haitian, but many were Americans. They were stabilized here and prepared to travel to the mainland for more intensive medical care. We have attached a few photos so you can see some of the challenges here such as having to transport patients in the back of a truck.  Seven people( the least injured) flew to the mainland in a small aircraft (MAF which stands for Mission Aviation Fellowship).   The four most serious patients were evacuated by a U.N. helicopter, also going to Port-au-Prince.  The pictures attached show Beth in the back of the truck with a patient, at the back loading area of the helicopter, and speaking with the medical people on board.  This was an amazing team effort by all.  Not only the Haitian medical staff, but all the missionaries here, including non medical people.  Much was involved with  getting patients in and out of hospital, co-ordinating air flights, comforting frightened patients. 
  Please pray for all these folk.  Their ordeal is far from over as they face probable surgeries etc.  The Americans also have to deal with family coming here and eventually getting home. 
Thank you.
Barry and Beth Gould
G.P./ WISH Missionaries

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