Monday, February 20, 2012

Additional Prayer Request and Update.


Paola's family had been in contact with the kidnappers but no ransom demand as of last night. 

Yesterday afternoon received word from LaGonave about a serious accident. Thankful that Dr. Steve and the medical staff at the Wesleyan Hospital could help with initial treatment.

We know the lady who started this school and visited a couple times during our time on LaGonave. 

 Dr. Steve Edmondson wrote on Facebook last night the following:

"11 people injured, 4 quite seriously. 7 evacuated by MAF plane. 4 by UN helicopter. Most of them were from Boston, MA here to do teacher training up in the mountain village of Matenwa. They were riding in a truck along a treacherous mountain road. The truck capsized because they were top heavy. 2 pinned under truck for a bit before people could pull them out. Many broken bones (pelvises, ribs, arms, legs,etc.), head injuries, lacerations. Some were hemodynamically unstable and we were worried they could have internal bleed (ie from ruptured spleen). Pray for this group. They are not only traumatized physically but emotionally as well."

Dad and Mom's visit continues to go well. Will be celebrating Anna's birthday tomorrow. Enjoyed a quiet Sunday. Cory plans to leave Wednesday for an Agricultural conference in Pignon. 


OliveTree said...

Hi Kris, just to let you know, I don't know if it's my computer, but the font is too small and gray to read easily! Sorry to hear about the kidnapping...

Kris Thede said...

Thanks-Olive Tree. Don't know what happened but should be able to read it now. Will try to remember to check after posting next time.