Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anna's 11th Birthday.

Anna celebrated her 11th birthday excitedly- today she could write her birthday as her first name both frontward and backwards. 21/02/2012.

She celebrated by only working on school work in the early hour before the rest of us got up out of bed.  Then after breakfast she painted a bit and then played some computer games.

Lunch consisted of spaghetti. Grandma prepared before coming to fill Anna's request of a golden retriever on her birthday cake. Grandma decorated it this afternoon under Anna's supervision.

Cake followed supper and then gifts. Anna received a few DVD's including Princes Diaries II which we are watching now. A book full of information on animals, a bracelet, and a mood indicator book.

Anna's expression comes from cool candles that come 10 in a row-you light one end and they self light the rest of them.

No local school because of carnival but lots of activity.

 Today we heard both loud singing and cheering from the school yard. At one point the children chanted 'run, run, run' as they raced.

Tomorrow Cory heads out to the central plato.  Today he via computer he chatted about moringa.

 The medical records cupboard received another coat of varnish.

Thankful that Paola is now safe. Thank you for the prayers.

No new word on the accident victims but continue to pray for them and their families.

 I continue to hear how well the medical and missionary staff pulled together to help in every way they could.

Please pray for missionaries and medical personal when ever they come to your mind.


The Bronkema Family... said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! The cake is awesome and so is Anna's expression!
So happy to hear of the release too!

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Anna! How very cool that your name, the date, and your age are all the same frontwards and backwards! What a memorable event!

Missus Wookie said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Cool candles, a trio of palindromes :)

Sherry in MI said...

I thought you were going to tell us that her grandma brought her a golden retriever for her birthday! Adorable cake!