Friday, December 8, 2017

SAT/North Travels, post by Anna

So the SATs have been stressing me out for the past month or so.

Though some would think I am the care-free type who just lets what happens happen, I am actually just much better at hiding my stress. (Unless you happen to live with me)

I was doing some SAT practice for several months on Khan Academy, a free site connected to, then switched to more concentrated study the month prior, taking practice SATs and finally spent hours on Wednesday and Thursday reviewing all the math subjects on Khan Academy.

Last Friday we headed down the mountain.
Everyone told me not to study the day before, so instead my French-teacher/roommate and I watched part of a movie in French during the trip. (usually we do two hours of French on Fridays)

We only made it part way before we both tired of attempting to focus on the jostling screen, while simultaneously endeavoring to keep ourselves steady in the back of the vehicle as it bounced and tipped along the rocky mountain roads.
Left over pizza and local tangerine

We dropped off our two passengers at the base of the mountain, and continued into Port au Prince.

I slept for the majority of this part of the journey, taking advantage of the unusually smooth roads. 

Eventually we stopped at a C&K Hardware store and looked around for house supplies.

As Dad was looking through the roofing screws, a small group of men walked up and were looking at something a little ways from us, and I was very surprised to see, on the back of one of their legs, a tattoo with a familiar volleyball symbol on it.

Up till then, I had only ever seen the symbol on some old volleyball uniforms at Fauche, and was quite surprised.

Later research revealed it was in fact the symbol of the FC Barcelona club, which does seem to have a few members in Haiti. But how we had uniforms with their crest, and who the man with the large tattoo was, are mysteries to me.

Peach palm from several trees
After finally leaving we had street food for lunch and then went to MSC, another hardware store, where we picked up additional supplies and looked at stuff we will need later.

By now it was late afternoon, and we decided we should try to find the place we were staying while we still had light. We found it with minimal wrong turns, and headed back through town, up to the Caribbean Supermarket.

Kids Club
There I enjoyed walking around looking at all the American items, and spent a moment surveying the cereal isle, catching up on all the new cereals that had come out in the year since I was in an American styled store. I was stopped short mid-stride when I realized that the song playing over the loudspeakers was by Pentatonix, a song I happened to have been listening to the night before. It was a sound from home in the most unexpected of places.

We looked around, and dad made his shopping list for the next day, while I would be taking my test.

We left with some good soft serve ice cream, and spent the next half hour or so driving around looking for a pizza place Dad had been to once earlier this year.

We eventually went to some other one we happened to see, and finally headed back. We may have gotten lost again trying to find our way back.

We slept well, and rose early to beat the traffic.

Apparently we were overzealous in our earliness, and we sat in Union School's parking lot about 45 min. before anyone else arrived.

Dad left and I remained, waiting until we were finally all allowed to sign in. I survived, and at about 12:30 Dad and I began our trip to Fauche. We arrived at around 8:30, very tired.

We were happy to attend our old church Sunday morning, and I spent that afternoon packing, reading, and relaxing.

Spent Monday similarly, enjoying the lack of cooking and dishes, mostly eating fried food; peanut-butter, honey, and banana sandwiches; fresh fruit from the garden; and some other food we were given by Jean Pierre's family.

Tuesday found us rising early and driving back. We had to make several stops, and despite leaving at 7, we didn't make it back until around 5:30, tired, and ready to be home.
peach palm

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