Saturday, October 21, 2017

Friday and Weekend work

Finished putting in the lower supports.

But these will continue to be adjusted until right before the pour to prevent the floor from sagging.

Finished putting down the q-deck with two sheets left over.

Started to wire together the re-bar support and earth-quake bands.

Cory marked locations on the q-deck where pumbing and electrical conduit needs to go through prior to the cement being poured.

In addition to finishing wiring together the re-bar supports the crew also needs to build the outer forms and forms around the cistern access and stairwell.

Two motorcycle drivers made it up the mountain at sunset pulling 20, 1/2 inch, 30-foot re-bar.

You could hear them coming from quite a distance!

Hoping to pour the floor on Tuesday if all the preparations are in place.

Time estimate is around 10 hours.

Locals working hard as well.

Corn crop being stored up in the trees but almost all is being carried down the mountain in big sacks the day it is picked, on horses or peoples backs.

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