Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Work continues on the house with the lower level being prepared for foundation cement work to start later this week.

The gravel and rock piles continue to grow. We continue to pray about the progress, workers, and resources.

Anna and my other 2 students daily work on their school work.

A few weeks ago a nearby lightning strike damaged the inverter for the solar powered electrical system, limiting us to a few hours with electricity each day while running the generator.

One of the teachers compared the limitations of power and water [electricity needed to pump water] to 'glamping'. Glamour + we still enjoyed our beds, full kitchen, computer/internet [when we had power] protective walls/roof but parts of the day did feel like camping out.

It reminded us all how thankful and privileged we are to have power and running water in the house when we were carrying buckets of water and unable to use power.

No electrical power is not necessary for life but it makes it easier and so much more convenient. Cleaning, laundry, refrigeration, lights in dark rooms, charging phones, internet for school and communications all made possible with electricity.

How thankful I am that we don't need phones, computers, electricity, or any devices to reach out to God. Anywhere, anytime, and in the middle of any situation we can call out to Him in our distress or sing our praises in joy.  We can fling up a few words or sit for a long heart to heart.

He always pays attention to us and wants to communicate. He loves us and is ready with love, advice, compassion to fill our needs. He cares. He guides. He has a plan.

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