Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Picking up rocks

While some of the rocks for the house come from the gravel pit, a small crew of men spend their time walking around the property looking for the type of rocks that the builder wants for the walls and foundation our our house.

Looking at all the rocks and now the areas where rocks have been harvested from, I couldn't help but think about life. Looking at the terrain that continues to change daily I wondered what it will look like in the months and years to come.

The rocks will slowly disappear and trees and plants will be straegically planted replacing the wild bramble, rockly hillside with a cultivated appearance.

Then in my reading this week, Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey...she talked about rocks on page 202....
" Sometimes, yes, we do speak to a mountian and it will lift up and be cast into the sea. But I've also learned over my lifetime that it is just as holy and just as ridiculous and just as miaculous for the people of God to pick up their own small shovels and get to work, a million small stones at a time. 

I have decided that, rather than being someone who denies the existence of the mountain entirely-whatever that represents in the moment-or someone who simply gives up in despair, I will be a women who picks up small stones and moves them. Small acts of fatih and justice are still acts of faith and justice. I will be a women who slowly and over time and alongside many others will make that mountain move. 

Revolution doesn't look like changing diapers or making meals, right? Kind people don't change the world. We can't imagine overturning the empire through these small stones that we lift up, one after another, through the small lives we minister to, through our words and our prayers. "

How many prayers have I lifted up over the last year. How many adoption prayers since the summer of 2012...not only for F but others stuck in the process or other's who moved through smoothly and entered into transitioning to a new family.

How many prayers for other missionaries? For missionary kids? For our supporters? For the Lord's wisdom, patience, love, and strength to get me through the day? How many words of praise and honor before, during, and after His plan is revieled.

Lord help me to continue to listen to Your whispers so that I don't miss the small opportunities present daily to minster, to advance Your Kingdom, to pray, to encourage with words and deeds.

I look forward to moving into a house where the outer rock walls will be not only a reminder of the Rock, the Cournerstone of my faith but as well as to remind me to keep moving the small rocks that the Lord sends my way, so that in time the mountain will move.

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