Friday, January 27, 2017

First three days of clinic done!

We started with the clinic the furthest away at Saint Raphael. Saw about 80 people.

Cory helps with patient education, speaking to the waiting group once we start consultations and then he does some one-on-one teaching for the patients I've seen, diagnosed, and written for treatment.

Anna helps in the pharmacy translating and with some of the lab testing.

The best part of the first day was hearing from Pastor that thanks to my advice he's now taking Fridays off.

The Lord is blessing him with better health, better family relationships, and his ministry is growing!!

Praise the Lord.

Second day we forgot to take pictures, sorry.

We visited Dondon Thursday and saw 100 patients.

Many in each location have issues with: eye pain, joint/back pain, out of control high blood pressure, infections, acid reflux.... lots of opportunities to share and teach.

We also remembered to give out some Konsey books.

Today we went to Grande Rivier. Saw close to 110 patients.

A few more interesting, unique, head scratching cases today, including a 3 month old baby who's mom suffered from Zika during the pregnancy.

He also was born breech with his feet up by his ears. Unfortaniantly in addition to a very small head, he has very seriously crossed eyes, and inflexible hips.

Mom's stretching did get his legs so that they can straighten more but he can't straighten them the last 30˚ or so.

Many of these people had not yet received a Konsey book but did so today!
Pastor who now benefits from a day of rest. 

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