Friday, July 15, 2016

Kids Club field trip and Malay apple, by Cory

The Kids Club took a day trip on Tuesday to visit Vertiers, Blue Hills Wesleyan Church, and the Cap Haitian Cathedral.

Roll call was taken here at the school, then after a group photo they loaded into two buses.

Vertiers is the site near Cap Haitian where the slaves drove back the French Army in the battle for independence.

This is an old photo but we should be able to post a few photos of the outing after JeanPierre returns later today from a trip to Port au Prince.

Next the group stopped at the Blue Hills Church for a rest, snack and kids program.

Then off to downtown Cap Haitian to see the Cathedral and park downtown.

Haitians don't travel much so this was the first time most of the kids had seen these places. Vertiers Park is right on the main road into Cap Haitian.

The malay apple trees have a light crop now, with small fruit due to the dry weather.

After 3 hot sunny weeks with only a few night sprinkles, we are thankful for a 3 1/4" rain last night.

Since I need the malay apple seeds for planting, we are enjoying most of the apples ourselves, only sharing with a few who won't let the neighbor kids know they are fruiting.

There are a few neighbors with kids that tend to steal any fruit they find, even before it is ready for picking.

This has been a problem for years so prayers are appreciated about dealing with it in the best way.

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