Monday, July 11, 2016

Conference, new Kitchen and new fruit

On church Sunday 20 of 23 district churches were represented, as the men completed their conference.

Next year's goal is to have representatives from all 23 northern churches.

Great singing and worship. A bit loud with a borrowed sound system.

We sat outside with the overflow crowd, enjoying a nice breeze, nicer volume, and watching interesting children.

Cory was finally able to try out the new decibel meter he purchased...going to attempt to education folks about the dangers to hearing if exposed to very loud noises for extended periods of time.

The message reminded us that the Lord will provide 'Abundantly' for those who listen and follow him.

The men who attended the conference last week were the first people to benefit from the new school/campus kitchen.

Those who visited us will remember a dark, poorly ventilated area where the cooks sweated and worked to make great food for visitors and school students.

This summer the area received some needed improvements.

There will also be a place under a roof for the charcoal cooking.

They are working on getting propane burners for cooking inside...should be cheaper that charcoal.

In addition to the kitchen improvement they are working on modifying the building where our pastor lived last year and turing it into a dorm to hold 21 beds.

They've worked on the bathrooms and shower area.

Next week, the campus will be hosting the district's women leaders and the following week the pastors and leaders from the district and national church.

Finally after a few different plants producing dragon fruit (pitaya) flowers we got one to set fruit!
This is 'Dark Star' dragon fruit, a very vibrant purple color. Not strong tasting but a bit sweet and crunchy.  
The new types we're growing are self fertile. Very excited to finally have one fruit!
 We shared a taste with Cory's guys. Cory's first dragon fruit plants are still on LaGonave but needed a second plant for pollination. 

Old kitchen

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