Monday, February 22, 2016

Share your story

Back window-dry side of mountain.
I read a lot. I like hearing other people’s stories. I like learning new facts and information. I like to find new ways to improve my life. I like to connect with others.

This week I read a blog entitled “Waiting is not nothing” . I read it a couple times because I needed to absorb and internalize the message. “In God’s universe, waiting is not wasted time. By all means, don’t stop praying for the details!...But don’t begrudge the waiting. Waiting is not nothing.” The impact of the words magnified because the author has been in our shoes...waiting on the Lord to bring home a child.

I want to encourage you to share your stories, especially your stories of waiting, suffering, or confusion.

Front window-crossing to the wet, north side of the mountain.
While I can be impacted by articles or blogs that I happen to find while wandering about the internet, if someone I know writes me something similar it means much more.

I know that often when I’ve come through a hard time I would prefer to forget it, to never think or talk about it again. 

But then the lessons I’ve learned or the encouragement I can offer to someone in a similar situation would loose their value. The benefits of the struggle would be lost not only to my self but to others. 

During our recent team meetings we each shared a high point and low point from the previous few months. My emotions got the best of me on my low point and the rest of the team paused for a time of prayer for me and the family. 

To be honest I was very embarrassed and tried to joke about it being due to my still recovering from Zika..but a few people took the time later to comment about how it was good, to be honest with our struggles, especially with friends.

And I know that our family will benefit from that prayer time and the additional prayers that my tears prompted. 

So I’d like to encourage you to reach out and encourage someone walking a hard road right now. Share with them about a past hard time or struggle or even a current one.

Maybe you blog, a great way to reach a group of people. But many people can be encouraged one-on-one by a short conversation, letter, or email.

I enjoy reading comments on my blog, short instant message chats on Facebook or a few sentences of encouragement after we send out an e-mail update. Thank you for taking the time to share a verse or let us know you’re praying!

Life’s hard. Together we can help each other along this journey.

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