Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Interesting trip to LaGonave.

Our best time to the boat dock ever was four hours, now days we're averaging just over 5 and the longest ever trip was the one with a 7 hour detour.

On Saturday morning we headed out early and experienced several different types and lengths of delays: a false start due to a forgotten wallet; close to one hour waiting at a very tight mountain switch-back where the big semi trucks and fuel trucks had trouble due to sticky slippery mud; a police check; a couple of slow downs behind slow vehicles on twisty mountain roads, a herd of horses crossing the road; a busy market located on a narrow bridge that cause start-stop-crawl traffic [had you needed to shop the traffic was slow enough you could have gotten almost any veggie or food item without having to have stepped out of your truck]; plant exchange with another missionary.

Once at Ortlip we quickly loaded onto the boat and headed across with five of our GP team. Team meetings started after a quick, late lunch for us.

Meetings, visiting, meals, church, meetings, smaller meetings, English church, sleep and then the boat ride back on Monday morning.

We think overall the meetings were positive and dealt with needed issues therefore left tired but hopeful, and with a revised and longer prayer list.

Anna enjoyed her time with the other teens and children. She enjoyed visiting the sandbar for a swim, as her previous visits as a young child she does not remember.

During the ride home we stopped a couple times for shopping and slowed for rain but no major delays.

As we continue to wait for any news of progress with our adoption we pray to wait well and remain flexible. Praying that the Lord can redeem the time lost due to the unknown delays.

During our travels we tried to come up with a list of travel delays we've experienced through the years: hurricanes, snow, mud, dust, floods, rock slides, flat tires, funerals, accidents, protests, parades, presidential motorcade, strikes, broken equipment/motors [air, sea, and land], slow traffic, police checks, waiting for fellow travelers, waiting for cargo, shopping, plants, bathroom, food, animals crossing the road, waiting on driver/pilot/boat captain, poor directions, detours...

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