Monday, December 14, 2015

LaGonave Trip

Weeding Moringa in the Life Garden.
We enjoyed a good trip to LaGonave.

The hospital meetings mainly consisted of talking about the leadership structure and how to split the hospital board into two.

A general board of directors to provide oversight, supervision of CEO, ensure faithfulness to mission and vision and budget.

A second operational board which will meet much more frequently to oversee the daily tasks of the hospital, work on communications, policies, protocols and address conflicts.

Anna enjoyed joining the visiting DecAid team on their last day up to Nan Mango and spending time with the other missionary kids.

Cory visited the gardens, talked to the guys who used to work with him and did some computer work.

He shared some trees and fruits with another organization on the mainland, as well as egg fruit with: the guest house, Fauche's children's club last week and some of the adults from the church this week.

Kris connected with all the members of the mission team.

We managed to walk around town a bit and see some of the changes as well.

Both the trip there and back home went well.

While we were on LaGonave, the Konsey books for Children arrived in Haiti. We are very thankful that our staff could make the arrangements to transport the books to Fauche. Some children will be receiving a copy for Christmas.

Egg fruit.
We heard from one of the men at the hospital meeting how during a trip on the public ferry that runs between LaGonave and mainland Haiti, a man was promoting and selling the medical Konsey book...claiming he wrote it.  I didn't hear what he said when our friend notified him that he knew the authors, and he didn't write it.

Glad to know that someone thinks the book is satisfactory, enough to want to claim authorship.

The guesthouse manager also noted how thankful he was for the book. Only taking the pills for his heart burn was not sufficient treatment, but the lifestyle changes talked about in the book helped.

LaGonave Life Garden
In addition, we  enjoyed seeing the progress of transforming the old guesthouse into a pharmacy/central supply area.

Although it still does not feel like Christmas time for us we look forward to picking up Eli and Kris's folks at the airport on Saturday. Praying for Eli's finals this week and continuing to pray for our adoption chart to exit IBESR, children's social services before the holidays.

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