Sunday, December 20, 2015

He's Home...

Last week I did not blog much as there was not much to tell: school, gardens, and getting ready for Eli and my folks.

Saturday morning we planned to leave between 9:30 and 10 o'clock to visit Deep River Mission, about 15 minutes from the airport and share some trees, plants, and eat lunch.

Well while we were busy cleaning and eating breakfast Jean Pierre called and said that Limbee, the first town we go through on the way to Cap Haitian was very hot politically and possibility the road could close.

He advised us to leave as soon as we could and not wait.

So we scrambled around, packed an overnight bag just in case, loaded the trees, and as soon as Gener arrived we headed out.

Two political rivals live in Limbee and the release of election results had the loosing neighborhoods upset, blocking the normal road and throwing rocks.

So we zigged and zagged a bit on new roads to us, through the winning neighborhoods and made it through town.

Our extra time disappeared once we hit Cap Haitian traffic.

Anna and I looked for Christmas decorations-found a few but often had to look into shops through doorways.

We filled the clinic's oxygen tank and then made it to Deep River Mission guest house without problem.

We enjoyed getting to know Michael and Nancy and a tasty lunch.

One we received the email that Eli and the folks made their flight to Haiti, the day took on a new level of anticipation.

[7 hour mechanical delay in MI, few hours in Dallas, first class to Miami, then into Haiti.]

Very happy to hug them.

A bit of a delay to deal with the one suitcase that did not make the trip with them.

Hoping to get it today as it has our Christmas cheese it in but so very grateful to get them home, fed and tucked in bed.

Lots of laughs already with Eli and enjoying hearing about his first semester at Calvin. Extra hugs.

Enjoying hearing more of the phase 'did you know...'

Missing F but trusting in the Lord.
Our favorite gift this year!!!


SherryinMI said...

Great pictures and so glad you are able to spend Christmas together!

Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Love this. So thankful they made it and you are enjoying Eli time. Praying for F and you all.