Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day America

Family time, helping the cousins.
Most of our Labor Day labor looks like school and office work.

 I did straighten up our basement living area some and started the packing pile!

With Eli moved in to Calvin and orientation behind us, our thoughts turn strongly to our return to Haiti.

On weekends, we will continue to connect with supporting churches and fit in family time.

Calvin students: Past and present.
Anna started school today!

 Eli will start his classes on Wednesday with Wednesday and Thursday being his longer days due to Chemistry and Engineering labs in the afternoon/evening.

No chemistry book yet but should be at Calvin in the mail system.

I finished up the Kid's Konsey book cover design last week and am in the final checks for page formatting before we send it off to Wesleyan Publishing this week.

Last minute shopping for items we need for Haiti started in earnest today with a growing list and increased internet searches.

Cory, Anna and I enjoyed connecting with Liberty Bible church Sunday and are looking forward to connecting with the Lutheran team in Ohio next week.

We also visited Eli yesterday with my folks to take him for a birthday celebration.

Because he does not have a roommate at this time we helped him put up a few more items on his wall to make the place look more occupied.

We continue to enjoy the ability to 'chat' with him by texting and work on finding the best ways to stay in touch once we return home.

No news on our adoption.

We continue to pray to exit IBESR and enter the court system for the adoption proceedings.

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Chris and Kath Sloan said...

Praying for Eli's first day of classes today!