Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4. Quiet Weekend.

The end of this week we finished up some school work and then ended up cleaning up the guest house. The cleaning became a priority when we learned Friday night that a team of 30 Compassion International people will be visiting the school on Monday and will be using the guest house for the day.

So rather than leisurely clean and prepare the guest house for our next team's arrival on March 14th we cleaned and straightened yesterday. Compassion continues to help thousands of children and families in Haiti. We look forward to meeting and visiting with some of the team tomorrow. [Link to Compassion on side bar]

Yesterday afternoon and most of today we will just spend together as a family. Decompressing a bit between the teams and reconnecting. Cory, Eli and Anna spent yesterday playing a computer game while I watched videos and working on my sister-in-law's cross-stitch. 

One day after reflecting on my reflections I asked Cory's opinion. In pondering why I reflect more I wanted to know if he thought this change occurred because I'm getting older or because of the earthquake, a huge pivotal moment in my life. 

Surprisingly without hesitation he suggested a third cause-homeschooling Eli and Anna with Sonlight. Sonlight Curriculum put together two lists to help folks decide if this style of learning fits a specific family. "27 Reasons NOT to buy Sonlight" and "17 Reasons Families Love Sonlight".  This fits in with their goals of raising 'ambassadors' who look at both sides of a issue, knowing what one believes, why one believes and how to tell others without offending.  While I recognized my knowledge base continues to increase as I learn with the kids I had not thought about changes in my character while striving to influence Godly character growth in them.
I am thankful for everyone who joined us in praying for a school teacher for Eli and Anna during those hard early years of homeschooling on LaGonave. I am thankful that the Lord realized I needed to be that teacher and moved us to a location where homeschooling through high-school is possible. 

Yes, many things change us throughout life. I pray that the Lord continues to use circumstances and people to improve me.

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The Bronkema Family... said...

I have witnessed you falling in love with homeschooling over the years and it has been beautiful! God knew exactly what He was doing and picked out the perfect teacher for the job. Thanks for sharing your reflections too!