Thursday, March 1, 2012


Been pondering the meaning of the word 'INSIDIOUS' the last couple of days.

Thanks for the chair, Dad & Mom.
One on-line dictionary listed the meaning that I usually think of as second "2. having a gradual and cumulative effect." The two definitions under number one added to my pondering "1. a: awaiting a chance to entrap. b: harmful but enticing"

Change often creeps into my life insidiously and in keeping with the negative definition not good or helpful change. My goal of being intentional with my actions, time and attitudes can be eroded by these slow negative changes. 

The clutter and dust webs in my house triggered this pondering on the word 'insidious'. Visitors necessitate a change in priorities and how we use our time. Relationships and enjoying each other's company remain much more important to us than a thorough house cleaning that can occur after they leave. 

'Harmful but enticing': what I eat, skipping exercise, staying up too late, goofing off on the computer, reading to much for 'fun', not watching the words carefully that come out of my mouth, putting off doing important and good things......

Unfortunately these things can be Very enticing which starts my rationalizing, 'oh just this once' and before I quite know how it happened I'm dealing with the 'cumulative effect' of my bad choices and rationalization. This remains a lesson that I find I end up reviewing, sadly too often in my life. 

Like the weeds that pop up seemingly overnight in the garden I never see insidious habits coming because of that 'gradual' effect. If the change occurred all at once obviously I would notice right away and more likely deal with the issue sooner. 

The gradual nature of insidious changes allows bad habits to become established and rooted before being noticed. Then the hard work needs to start to reverse the change.

The clutter and webs are being conquered. We all went to bed at 8:30 last night. Reviewed the school schedules this morning and set some short term and mid-range goals and then worked hard to reach those goals. Reorganization of the house well in hand. Last of the visitor's laundry dried on the line before being put up in the attic. Focus returning to being intentional.

Lord, help me not to rationalize shortening or skipping my personal time with You. Help me to listen to Your guidance and voice which direct me to avoid or deal with the insidious, bad habits waiting to entrap me. Thank you for forgiving me when I do fall and picking me back up.

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The Bronkema Family... said...

Thanks for sharing your heart Kris. So true.