Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday February 25th

A very nice Saturday especially since everyone felt well!

The second set of benches for the gazebo joined the first set. Dad and Eli worked on the ER gurney, thankful for completing the job.

 It looks much better.

Then they moved on to replanting some baby star fruit trees for Cory.

House cleaning and the making of chicken vegetable soup also completed Saturday morning.

Cory and Dad worked on organizing the back shed. Many banana bunches finish ripening in the shed. They also picked the ripe ones to be shared with the Kid's Club members today.

I talked Eli and Anna through making a daffodil cake for my mom.

Generally she does not get a birthday cake for her birthday in April so we celebrated early. Turned out very nice.

Mom, Eli, Anna and I also organized the video collection organizing them into sections: French Christian, French secular, English/non-French Christian and other.

 This will help Cory on Sunday selection for Kid's Club and Thursday night community movie night.

Today we will attend Fauche church and enjoy more family time. 

Naps are also on today's schedule as the drums played all night, stopping at 5 a.m.

Please pray for Haiti's government as the prime minister resigned this week after only 5 months in office.

Dad and mom leave for the USA on Wednesday, hoping to arrive home in Michigan on March 1st.

The Haiti His Hands team plans to share at the Allegan Wesleyan church on March 11, in the morning service that starts at 10:30.

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Peter Olson said...

We look forward to their safe return and continue to pray for your mission.
Have a great day.

The snow is melting. :-)