Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Folk's last day. February 28th

Tomorrow life will start to return back to our 'normal.' But only a couple weeks before we host a 10 person team from Warsaw, IN  and Battle Creek, MI.

Very thankful that the Lord blessed me with great parents who visit a month a year and share in our daily lives here. We enjoy not only working on projects and making memories but just sitting around at night and being able to chat. This trip Grandpa brought his I-pad so many memories of giggles, highs and lows with spelling games, angry birds and bejeweled.

Washing an old pillow
The sheds received some cleaning and organization this week which will be helpful for Cory and the next team. The hospital gurney returned to the emergency room. Today Cory worked with some diseases banana plants as well as preparing some healthy plants for a man near Port Margo.

Tomorrow morning Eli and I will wave good-bye as Cory and Anna leave to deliver the folks to the airport and do a bit of shopping in Cap Haitian. Will work on school the rest of this week and put in some time on the new book. Andy turned in the first few pages of translated scrip that I need to type into the computer.

If all goes well Dad and Mom should arrive in Michigan early afternoon on Thursday.

Eli will move back into his bed room and Kodiak, the cat will no longer enjoy free entrance. Nor will Kodiak enjoy additional folks feeding him throughout the day.

Anna may put him on a diet as she believes that if he dropped some weight that he would be less tempting for someone to kidnap him and eat him. Even with a diet because he ate well as a kitten he would remain bigger than other local cats so not sure the diet will accomplish much other than make him beg.

Happy Birthday Mical and John!! Hope you both enjoy your special day. Thinking of you guys.


The Bronkema Family... said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes =)

The Bronkema Family... said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes =)