Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bandwidth Improvements = knowledge and freedom

Our nights now contain 30-35 minutes of educational and occasionally just for fun videos. We use an educational site to learn a bit about astronomy, listened to 40 minutes on Haiti's revolution and a bit of art. A different way for us to learn together subjects of interest without formal school.

This enjoyable time now occurs because Cory found a new program that shows us in real time how much satellite bandwidth we already used for the day. Our old method took a couple of hours to register and therefore one never quite knew how close we may be to using too much time.

Crossing that line of using too much bandwidth resulted in a very, very slow internet use for a day, using our one free reset pass for the month [Kind of like the 'get out of jail free card in Monopoly] or paying for a reset. Cory also discovered that our limit is 250 rather than 200MB!

Freedom-now we can check at the end our our day and if a significant amount of bandwidth remains we can enjoy watching the educational lectures. A fine example on how knowledge translates into freedom. No more worries that we will cross the line. No more wasting or loosing bandwidth.

I find that a lot of drama in our house is not based on true knowledge but assumptions or what ifs. If we stick to the facts or reality tempered with the knowledge that our all powerful, all Lord and Savior remains in charge of everything, freedom to enjoy life results. True freedom occurs in the absence of fear. Knowledge can help to banish fear as many fears come in some form or another, as the unknown.

Learning can provide that knowledge which leads to freedom from fear. So I think I'll keep learning..


OliveTree said...

I love your application about so much of our dramas being based on assumptions rather than true knowledge. This is so true!

Keep on learning! Good for you.

Peter Olson said...

Nice discovery!
Great application!
Keep up the great work. :-)

Missus Wookie said...

we are careful what we watch - hard to forget things you wish you hadn't. Glad you have a way to check your bandwith.