Saturday, February 1, 2014

Team Day 3

Feb 1…Day 3

After a night of celebrating Christmas, complete with our tropical Santa and presents a good night was had by all.

Today started in the Thede house with Anna leaving for volleyball at 6:00am.

The rest of us didn't eat breakfast until was pancake day.

We brought Kris' rocker to the fellows to work on, but Gene decided that it was a women's' job…so Angie and I worked on the repair.

The fellows worked on building benches today…at last report they had made 8 of them for the school dining hall.

They even worked into the afternoon.

Some wash, some school and Angie and Gerda even made a blueberry crumb cake and tonight we are having rice and beans.

Tomorrow we plan a trip to a small church where the Thede's have not visited yet. Carol.

A few merchants came by today with baskets and other Haiti objects to sell.

My folks with frequent visits rarely buy anything but the sellers hold out home with any team or visitors that they can sell something.

The rice and beans tonight with vegetable sauce is one of Dad's favorites.

Anna requested the crumb cake with blueberry pie filling and chocolate chips.

Enjoying family time and tasty treats. 
For those of you who have been here…it is just beyond the place where we go swimming.

Clouding up but no rain yet.

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Betsy Cruz said...

Christmas at the beginning of February? There must be a story here! :-)