Friday, January 31, 2014

HH Day two

     Jan 30.  Day two.

 Today the fellows worked on a paddle lock covering for the water that people can't turn on the valve without permission.  

[Mom also helped both Anna and Eli with school work while I studied. I hear the goal is to bring up the lagging subjects in line with the school day.]

Pizza, fried breadfruit and fruit salad for lunch. For supper the ladies plan stroganoff, picked beets, and coconut pie.
Gene made a bench for the dining hall..and used up the lumber that was here, but this afternoon a large load of lumber and supplies arrived. 

 Now the work of building dining hall tables and benches for the school can really begin. 
 Angie went with Cory and Anna to Limbe to find material for Anna's new bedroom curtains..a pretty blue with flowers.  

During the time they were gone I spent time scrapping the wall in the gazebo that needs another coat of blackboard paint and Gerda worked in the kitchen.  

Wash done and brought in, school finished for the day, tools put away and some showers done.  

Tonight we will celebrate Christmas with the kids…and at least one of them is excited. 

 We will probably go and watch Anna play volleyball for a while.


Continue to pray for rain. Hear that LaGonave is dusty.

Dr. Winick plans to travel to LaGonave to join a Starfysh dental team early next week.

Please also pray for a young mom. I consulted her this week by phone and Facebook and she traveled to the USA yesterday to be admitted into isolation with a very low white count. 

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