Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday with the Team

As of Saturday my Christmas decorations now rest again in boxes, up under the roof.

The reason we celebrate Christmas late is so we can celebrate with family!

This year makes 16 years in a row of visits in the winter and one year they also came in November.

Thanks Dad for missing all those Superbowl games for family time and memories!

This morning a Pastor called us before 7 a.m. to confirm we planned to visit his church this morning.

After breakfast we loaded up in the truck and headed West to visit the Galilee church.

Arriving a bit early we passed the church a bit to turn around the truck at the base of the mountain which worried the Pastor who called to make sure we did not pass the church on accident.

Thankfully they saved a few benches for us as the small church filled up during Sunday school.

 Due to a building project service occurred under tarps in a temporary shelter.

The praise music swelled majestically with one man up front helping the children enthusiastically clap and worship.

A few cups of water pouring down his back from the wind blown roof tarp did not cause him to miss one beat.

The message consisted on remembering that God is faithful, our eternal friend who will carry the burdens of our lives when we give them to Him and remember His promises during the hard times.

Dad liked the super music, full church and short but meaningful sermon.

Mom thought the service was both inspiring and convicting.

Anna: Enjoyed watching the man sing so enthusiastically [he's pictured in the men's singing group on the far left].

He works with the children, Haiti's future leaders.

Returning home we enjoyed a  tastily lunch of leftovers, a bit of rest and then everyone but Eli headed to a village down the river to see if they could locate a dental team who fly in with our team.

Pastor Emmanuel also made the journey today visiting his church for the first time since his surgery last year.

The team finished up their work on Friday but we walked around the Catholic campus and then returned home.

Will fellowship and rest up for next week's events.

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