Saturday, April 30, 2016

Volleyball...full report later after they return.

Cory very nicely kept me up-to-date by phone the last couple of days.

The younger boys lost a match on Friday but the other three teams advanced.

Good food. Four games going at once making for a noisy gym.

Cory and Jean Pierre bought water when needed for our teams.

Spoke to Anna for just a minute this morning--said that things were much better than she expected.

She was the only white player...and being close to 6 foot I imagine was noticed by most everyone there.

They were to be ready for breakfast by 6 a.m. but Cory said they were up earlier.

Cory called just after 9 p.m. with the final results.

Anna's team won finals. The older guys also won but Cory said it was a much closer match...they had to battle for the win as the other team was very good at blocking spikes.

The last team to play in the finals consisted of the older girls...who while they won one game could not win the tie breaker and lost by 5 points.

The plan for tomorrow is for the bus and Cory to be on the road at 6 a.m.

Cory needs to stop at the Ortlip Center to drop off the Konsey books that need to go to the National church office.

Cory said Anna did very well. Will be fun to hear her stories and see the pictures/video that Cory took.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Haiti so Happy Agriculture Day to those of you who farm, love trees, or garden.

[Remember me battling with the hunger caterpillars? Look at my pretty flowers that I saved!]

Friday, April 29, 2016

VB Update for those not on FB.

Cory called a few times.

The trip in the bus over the mountain switchbacks proved to be to much for some of the players stomachs. Either Anna or Jean Pierre must of remembered that Cory carries plastic bags in the truck or the bus pulled over.

When he called me they were over the big mountain so everyone should have had a better trip.

Cory made a couple stops to drop off fruits, trees/plants, and Konsey books.

He said that the Center is very nice and what you'd expect at a sports center in the USA: nice rooms with fan, bathrooms, a dining hall, 6 volleyball courts, and good security.

Anna's sharing a room with 3 other players and I think Cory said he was in with one other man-a teacher.

They enjoyed a good supper of rice and beans but were only provided with small bags of water. So JP and Cory went out and purchases bottled water for the teams. Today they plan to get some large 5 gallon water to use to refill the individual waters.

About bed time Cory called again. They did not end up playing any games as some of the teams arrived late. He noted it was quit nosey as the rooms are open at the top for ventilation.

Breakfast today should be at 6 a.m. They talked about the teams from Port playing first as they do not overnight at the Center. Will see.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Volleyball Adventure Started

Not today's...Cory has the camera!
The usual 5 a.m. morning church singing this morning faded to the background as four teams of excited volleyball players, leaders, and chaperones gathered to head out for the national championship games.

After receiving her team shirt, Anna came up to get her travel bag and I received one last hug. Her feelings are mixed but overall she's excited. She hopes the net is higher than the last games.

Also praying that there will be no controversy about Anna playing. Because her French teacher also teaches in the high school she's considered a student but last year some of the other teams protested.

We don't anticipate any problems as one of the national leaders watched Anna play in the qualifying games, even beating the team she coaches.

They loaded a blue and white bus with WOODSTOCK on the side to head to Limbé. Before starting their journey I heard them singing a hymn and I'm guessing someone prayed.

Cory followed in our truck with Mme. Jean Pierre, two children, lots of Konsey books, and a few trees/plants.

In Limbé, the busload will transfer to a second bus and head south to just outside Port-au-Prince. For many of theses students this is the only time they travel to Port.

They will be in one of the first groups of students to stay at the Sport of Hope Center, build after the earthquake to bring hope to Haiti, and serve as an Olympic training center.  article about opening

There will be five locations for games, three outside and 2 inside. The younger teams will play 3 games a match while the older guys will play 5 games. If they do well they will play a lot of volleyball the next three days.

The game start this afternoon and continue through Saturday. Depending when all four teams finish they plan to return on Saturday or early Sunday.

Cory will also be staying at the center as one of the chaperones.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safe travel with no delays or problems
  • Health and safety for all involved
  • Good sportsmanship and memories
  • That all do their best
  • No controversies 
  • That Anna's ankle does not give her any problems. New high tops bought yesterday at market, and Cory has her other pair with him.
Will update when I hear news. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bamboo and Peach Palm harvest, by Cory

Today we harvested the first bunch of fruit from this peach palm [at the bottom of the blog on the right-hand side].

The only one with fruit at this time, it didn't get pollinated, so seedless fruit.

If they were pollinated the fruit would be larger and have a higher oil content.

 I was told that in Costa Rica most people prefer the seeded fruits.

The fruits with cracks in the skin like these are considered superior.

These did have good flavor, and texture like dry potato, but enough oil that some came out of the fruits while they were boiled.

Met. David is building a nursery project large enough to grow 12,000 cacao seedlings.

The price farmers get for cocoa beans has been high the past few years so many farmers are planting cacao trees in their gardens.

They place stakes at 3 meter spacing to calculate how many trees they have room for before getting trees from nurseries.

He needed bamboo poles for the shade structure so we agreed that he and his work crew could cut part of the bamboo clump in our back yard that is shading a few of our fruit trees.

One is a mandarin orange from South Haiti that we hope fruits soon.

This bamboo is from the government project near the mountain town of Marmelade and was planted about 2010 in a ravine to hold back the erosion.

We are still propagating this variety but there hasn't been much demand for bamboo plants.

Met. David wants a few plants now to put at 3 locations.

We ended up with 3 dozen poles and we had also harvested about a dozen during the past couple years.

We cut less than half the clump. It is amazing how productive bamboo can be.

Several species of bamboo from Marmelade, January '09

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A day off campus.

Wednesday we picked up Jean Pierre near the front gate and headed toward Cap Haitian at 7:30.

First stop the OMS seminary to deliver and talk plants.

A few years ago some of the OMS missionaries visited Fauche for a garden tour. Cory spent a few hours yesterday talking with Phil, looking at the campus plants and giving some advice.

Anna enjoyed spending time with a friend while I tagged along with the guys increasing my plant knowledge.

New homes found for mangos, egg fruit, peach palms, bananas, chaya, katuk, false roselle, lemon grass, star fruit, peanut butter fruit, miracle fruit and bamboo.

Shared some Konsey books too.

Jean Pierre had already continued on to town for his erends.

We drove through Cap Haitian to the hotel/restaurant. We enjoyed spending some time with a family here for their adoption socialization visit.

While they started the paperwork for their daughter just after we did, their official referral took almost a year longer than ours.

Anna and their children enjoyed the pool after lunch while we talked.

Praying for the remaining steps to occur much faster, for both our families.

Stopped a few times on the way home for a bit of shopping and made it back before dark.

Anna missed volleyball practice but found out the time for the next practice.

Only nine days remain before the trip to Port-au-Prince for the national finals.