Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Roof work started.

Progress despite rain yesterday afternoon and this afternoon.

Cory made it back up the mountain after a rain and after missing a turn while in a patch of fog.

A certain well loved teenager may have hugged a huge can of mushrooms!

And he brought us some turkey legs for our Thanksgiving celebration.

First time up the stairwell.
Roofing tin purchased and should come up on the dump-truck later this week.

The welders made some good progress today, and we expect even more tomorrow.

Cory and I marked where the trusses need to be welded on, we hope rain doesn't wash all the marks away.

The masons continued until the cement supply ran out.

Arranged for four motorcycles to each bring up three bags of cement.

Praying they get up without running into rain.

Yes, some school was also completed...Anna stayed behind to study and keep an eye on the wash, thanks to the solar power this morning's sun provided.

Praying for the dump-truck coming up with supplies later this week.

Lots of activity when the sun shines. 

First roof truss up before the weather shut down work. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Rocks, walls, clouds....

Cory left before sunrise to head to Port for some banking, building supplies, and grocery shopping.

We focused on school, cleaning, and some correspondence this morning.

We went to the house sight around noon to check how the building of the walls progressed.

Most walls are now up past window height, other than the kitchen area.

We met the two Haitian welders who plan to work on the roof trusses, starting tomorrow.

We enjoyed some family time this weekend picking out rocks from the pile to go into the wall....focusing on those with fossils and crystals.

Not sure what the builder's think about our request to use the 'rocks with little lights' and other items put so that we can see the interesting points.

Anna's reached the middle of her school year.

She continues to study for her SAT's that she will be taking on Dec. 2nd but we took a hike this weekend.

We both enjoy the ever changing clouds.

They remind us of our wonderful Creator who loves us and has a hand in all the details in life-big and little.

Praying for a good couple days of working on the roof.

Praying for the son of friends who is having problems with seizures.

Thankful that they are in the USA with lots of medical options, while we continue to pray for Haitians who do not have good  medical care near them that they can afford.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Upper walls started. Konsey books delivered

Monday Cory worked on accounting and office work anticipating the mason crew to arrive to start work early on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning the crew arrived and started a bit but then bad weather rolled in with heavy rains.

The rains continued most of Wednesday and the early hours this morning.

One benefit of home-schooling means that bad weather does not delay or close school.

Anna continues to study for her SAT's as well as work on her normal studies.

Thankfully the clouds cleared a bit so that the crew could continue late morning and most of the afternoon.

Cory added some of the wiring needed in the walls.

The masons not only lay the rocks but they also chip at them to make a flat side for the wall face.

They had been chipping small pieces off most of the rocks but we told them that leaving them as natural as possible is fine.
We like the natural look and I worry about eye damage with the chipping process.

Safety glasses on the way tomorrow.

A Haitian welder is prepared to come up the mountain to work on the roof once the weather improves.

Cory will need to go to Port-au-Prince to purchase more supplies and to do some bank transfers.

Please pray that the timing for this trip becomes clear, as we would both like him here for the welding and for the stone work around the windows but don't want to run out of cement and block.

While the rain is good for filling the cistern, the last few days the solar power did not charge the batteries much due to the heavy cloud cover.

I marked on the wall supports where the window openings need to left open.

Sadly before the work day ended the cement mixer stopped working. Praying to find the needed bearings rapidly so that the hours of hand mixing can be limited.

Cory also managed with multiple phone calls and e-mails to arrange the pick-up and delivery of the latest printing of the Konsey II book.

About 10, 200 are now delivered after being released from Cap Haitian customs.

And on the way Bernman received a good supply to the area where he continues to sell and use the books for evangelism.

Praying for these books, which will be sold and shared in the Port-au-Prince area and hopefully Southern Haiti, to have a big impact for the Lord's Kingdom and improve many lives in Haiti.

Monday, November 13, 2017

A new week.

Ready to raise and hold the wall frame in place for welding
While some things remain the same...office work and school, most of our daily lives look very different at this point.

I try to keep in mind that this 'building' season is just for a while but I'm longing for the house to be done, be moved in and back to our 'normal' focuses: 'Equipping Haitians for building the body of Christ through spiritual, agricultural, and medical education'.
Lots of prayer that the supports would not fall off the edge!

Because some of the crew working on our house farm and all are impacted medically by life we do slip in some education on the job.

One agricultural chore includes daily watching for cows and calves breaking into the fenced area where Cory planted many trees and plants.

Then the chase begins...even in the rain.

I occasionally see and advise the Agape House kids and staff about medical issues.

But I'll admit to looking forward to being able to hike to the village or surrounding areas, getting to know the people, and sharing with them about God's love for them, as well as some advice to improve their lives.

Not sure what this week will hold. Yesterday afternoon we again experienced a few hours of rain.

Thankful to hear that Wade made it home. Thanks again Wade!

Crew should be coming up today to start the upper rock walls.

So thankful all 4 sides of wall supports are in place. 
Trying to figure out who will do the welding of the trusses.

Also working on getting another dump-truck load of cement, block and tin roof.

Trusses...one of the next big jobs will be getting them in place
Rain on Sunday thankfully does not delay any of the house work and it helped bring up the cistern's water level again.
Dry season not here yet!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Last day. Pictures from Thursday afternoon.

Last work-day for Wade today.

Thank you for praying for protection, progress, safety, and weather.

No more rain after Thursday noon!

Last wall only needs one corner post to be finished

 Also got a start on the roof trusses, with 4 cut and ready to go.

Home-school...House Building 101.
Tomorrow early Cory will head down the mountain to bring Wade to the airport and do some shopping.

The boss plans to start the upper walls on Monday.

Praying for the right dump truck driver for the next load: the last time up the driver wasn't happy with  what the road was doing to his tires, and some of the cement got wet in the rain because the load wasn't covered.

Right person to finish the needed welding on the roof trusses.

Hard for us to always understand and know what needs to be done seeing as neither of us are very experienced in building a house with welding, cement, and rocks.

Defiantly not in our comfort zones....but GREAT for encouraging us to pray.

Thank you for the prayers.

So very thankful for Wade for coming down to help us and for his family letting him come.

THANK you Wade, Bev and kids.

Let us know when you want to visit again, and bring the whole family!

Floor looks ok, already strong and hard.

Haitian Proverb: Little by little a bird builds its nest.