Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Internet Returns!! Football Pictures.

Happy Birthday to Tristyn!!

Happy celebration at our house after the tech man finally [working on the issue over the last 4 days] restored our internet system!!!

Work on editing the Creole book continues at a great pace. One of the school directors read the whole book in the last week and pointed out a few typos and words can could be simplified.

When we asked him what he thought of the book his response came with a big grin. 'A treasure' this will be. Encouraging words to help us push through these last few days of work.

A few weeks ago we started to work on the book only on one computer and in one file. This limited us to only one person at a time working on the final copy.

Some parts of the book could be worked on separately and then copied into the final, but occasionally we would 'lose' a bit and need to hunt it down.

 Praying its only days before we finish as to be totally honest both Cory and I entered into the phase of being weary with this whole book editing, (sitting at the computer many hours a day)  a few weeks ago!

School continues with Eli continuing to battle a head cold that makes concentrating on calculus and physics very hard for him.

Spent some time today working on cleaning up my computer's in-box. Since we returned from Cap Haitian, November 6th my computer would not connect with the internet.

I like to keep only active, need to respond to e-mails in my in-box. Over 1,000 came in this morning when I finally could connect again!

I'm happy to report that right now I'm down to 267, 242 and looking forward to dropping into the double digits in the next few days.

We also rejoice that with WiFi once again we can download books on our Kindles so we do not need to wait to use the one that contained the most books, and more than one person can be on internet at once which makes school and office work much easier to schedule.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Soccer, funeral, book and roof.

Cory reports that the football(soccer) game went well with no injuries. No goals.

He estimates that around 150 folks came out to watch the fun.

Currently he's attending the funeral of Jean Pierre's mom.

Jean Pierre supports us in more ways than we can count.

His oldest daughter attends high school in the USA and I'm sure is missing family.

Cory provided rides both to the game and to the funeral, both in Port Margot.

The work on the agricultural book continues at a good pace.

The internet part arrived on Tuesday, however it did not fix our problem.

Thankfully when he called Haiti Satellite to ask about a technician coming to work on it he found that one plans to travel to Cap Haitian for other business on Saturday.

This will cut down our cost for the visit. Praying we can return to high speed, reliable internet soon.

School continues to add to our knowledge base and fill our days.

Pastor Jonas's new roof looks nice.

Going to assume that it will keep the family drier than the old rusty one.

Thankfully almost all the wooden beams hadn't been damaged by leaks or termites so very little needed to be replaced.

Second picture after day one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Obligated to Play....

I can think of several times in my missionary career when I felt obligated to do something outside my comfort zone: cutting the hair of missionary women being one!

Today will be one of those times for Cory. The married men of our Fauche church will travel down the road to Port Margot to take on their married men in a friendly soccer match.

Following the first announcement in church Cory didn't think he would participate being very busy with the book, not knowing if all the physical effects of Chikungunia were gone, not being very athletic.

But in a small church one often feels obligated to participate. Then there's the fact that we own one of the few vehicles that could transport the team to the game.

But the final point is the most important. Kingdom Building!! The major reason for the game - to evangelize. Now Cory will not be the best player, the youngest or the oldest player. But he will be the only foreigner.

Our French tutor, who lives near Port Margot reported yesterday that the pre-game talk and publicity centered around Cory playing!

So we pray for safety and for more folks to enter the Lord's Family.

Haiti celebrates today the Battle of Vertierre, the final decisive battle in their war for Independence, 211 years ago.

Pastor spoke Sunday of all the people still in bondage to sin, fear, and Satan. Please pray for Haiti.

Today some areas of Haiti will be filled with angry people protesting the recent increase in fuel and food prices (beans went up 25% here this week due to govt. tax on food imports from the Dominican Republic),  lack of national elections, current government policies and more.

We rejoice with the Haitian church for all those who put their trust in the Lord, breaking the chains of sin. We join them in praying for the Haitian church, the campus, district and national ministries, for the country and Haitians living abroad.

Please remember to pray tomorrow for the LaGonave Nursing School as government officials will be visiting to determine accreditation.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Balancing Frustrations

Lots time spent working on the book this week sandwiched between plenty of frustrations!

Let’s try to balance the negatives with positives.

One computer completely died and one unable to use internet = opportunity for us to practice sharing and time management to compete the needed school work and book/office work.

Additional rain which soaked this week’s mail which included school books for Anna = reminder to pray for the folks suffering from flooding and the children without school supplies. Thankful for a bit of sunshine and an oven to dry out the books.

Leaky roof = thankful the leak is a small, intermittent one. Thankful for a house on a hill safe from flooding and 99% dry.

Slow, limited Internet = thankful for distant communications that still happen in less than one day.

Beginner band practice near the house = thankful for children making a “joyful noise”.

Termites continuing to eat some wood furniture & woodwork = thankful for safe insecticides that slow them down

Most of the peach palms fruits fell off during the rainy weather = thankful they should produce twice a year and the trees are maturing fast.

Thinking that only two weeks remained to update our home study = lots of prayer and thankfulness when we received clarification that we only needed to contact the USCIS office about our fingerprints [done] and not until after Feb. 21 do we start to think about updating the home study IF we do not receive a referral by then.

Received a support check in the mail mistakenly dated 2010 = reminder of all the wonderful faithfull folks who support us financially and through prayer.

Days of editing still needed on the Creole agricultural book as we continue to find more errors = thankful for the three men helping us find the errors before printing and for the improvement of Cory’s Creole grammar.

Hard to pronounce French words and forgotten studies = thankful to restart lessons with our French tutor so we can improve our communication skills and relationships

Anna and Cory repeating last year’s November health problems with abscesses and lymph issues = increased prayer time for them and other’s who need God’s healing touch. Thankful for phone consults, easy way to heat hot water, natural medicine knowledge as we try to get everyone healthy. Thankful for a medical laboratory for basic tests on campus.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Home again

A major perk or blessing of working for the Lord remains all the fantastic folks He brings into one's life.

We enjoyed our week in Cap Haitian with the Holy Cross Lutheran team from Ohio. The week did not go according to Plan A or even B due to heavy rains across northern Haiti that caused some severe flooding. [Heard news that this storm system killed 17 in Haiti]

We did not do any clinic on Monday. Did not get to visit the church at Dondon or hold a clinic there. Cory did not get to teach the school's cooks how to use moringa as none of the schools in Cap Haitian had any classes this week.

We did see 228 patients during 2 full days of clinic and 2 days of morning rainy clinics. The smaller clinics let us spend more time with patient education.

The gal who runs the hotel shared as we prayed with her before leaving how much that prayer means to her and her family. Her sister, who is in Canada with a mom battling leukemia had been asking if the team had prayed yet. They stay at the same hotel every visit so a strong relationship has developed. I've prayed for this family since our visit last year.

Yesterday after we said good-bye to the team Cory and Anna took some of them to the airport for their MFI flight while Pastor Benard drove the rest. Then we loaded up and started home.

Stopped for a cup of ice cream as a treat [bubble gum and chocolate]. Followed by a stop to check out a plant/tree nursery and a stop at the gas station store. Home. Unpacked. Checked out the leak above Eli's desk. And to bed...some with colds so good to be in bed early.

Adoption news. Since September's month of prayers 15 or so new referrals!! More I think than the total for the 1st 8 months of the year with 10 already in November. The referrals were folks who's orphanages suggested the children. Keep praying!