Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Strikes, protests, hurricane...lots of prayers this week.

Mountain villages and road. 
Cory's off on a trip down the mountain to go to the bank and do a bit of shopping.

The work crew continues to work on the house and should have the lower walls done by tomorrow if all goes well. Work continues gathering gravel and rocks for the next phases.

The next big projects: painting the cistern and pouring the cement slab for floor for the main living area.

Still praying for a professional level welder for the roof work.

Yesterday a group opposing the current government called for a country wide transportation strike in Haiti.

Thanfully we have not heard of major trouble from the strike.

But one never knows if these things will be bad or not, so Cory did not travel.

There is also a call out for major protests Wednesday through Friday over the new taxes, so major cities could be a mess for the rest of the week...so Cory headed down the mountain today.

Let's not forget to mention that Hurricane Maria, a catagory 5 storm as I write, could be bringing heavy rains and winds by the end of the week.

So many things and people to pray about [Judge strikes, pregnant friends,  stuck adoptions, a variety of health concerns, visas, spiritual attacks, college kids far from home, financial needs, emotional healing, salvation, weather...I need a notebook just to keep track of current issues!]

 I constantly need to remind myself to focus on the Lord and not let all the troubles of this world drag me down. To stand on His promises and not sink into the 'what if worries of today and the future'.
Rock carrier equipement. 

Something I love about Délice is that in a short walk I can get to a place I can see LaGonave, the southern peninsula, or the mountains to the north.

I can see so much of the country from our mountain top, where God put us.

I see, I remember, I pray!

A sincere, heart-felt thank you to all of those lifting us up in your prayers as well. We know how important our prayer team is to our ministry and our family.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Building, celebrations, and prayer requests

Continued thankfullness that Hurricane Irma did not cause severe damage in most of Haiti.

The masons returned to work on Monday morning to work on our house, barely making it up the mountain road on motorcycles due to the errosion and damage from the rain. Today the road remains closed to 4-wheel vehicles.

The water cistern is already blessing us, as the workers can use the rainwater from the rains to make the mortar for the lower level walls.

The rock collecting team and gravel digging team continue to work as well.

A few of the men not needed for other jobs are working on the road where the rains caused some erosion.

This week slipped easily into rountine of school, house hold chores, getting out an email update, and watching the work on the house continue.

We celebrated 19 years since our move to Haiti on Monday. I tried to think of something profound to mark this important milestone in our lives...but still thinking.

Unfortunately on the heels of our celebrating our adoption case finally exiting IBESR, [1,333 days total] we learned yesterday that all the judges in Haiti went on strike. If the government does not respond to the judge's strike by September 22 the strike will continue.  Prayers appreciated.

Prayers also needed as protests in the capital over increased taxes have turned violent the last three days. At some point in the next week or two Cory should travel for household/ food shopping and purchasing of building supplies.

Thinking of family this week as they prepare to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary. So very thankful for them and their continued Godly example of ministry in many ways.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Irma Remanents

Since 2am Friday, we have had strong winds and rain.  

Sheds not damaged and dry cement for the house, praise the Lord.  
A noisy night with the wind and rain shaking the house and small corner of loose tin banging loudly overhead. 

Very thankful things were not worse here and for everyone praying.

A phone call at 7:30am to staff on the northern Fauche campus has the initial report of minimal damage - not much rain but some wind: some tree branches and banana plants down but no serious damage. 

Looks like today will be an inside day, at least until the rain and wind let up.
Looking north.

Chickens made it!
Some corn plants are down and some leaf damage.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Irma Preparation

Today in addition to school and the workers working on the house we also continued to prepare for Hurricane Irma.
We remain in phone contact with John Pierre and Genner advising them about the storm and how to prepare our house and the campus at Fauche.

Due to Irma's direction the campus could be hit hard along with those on the northern coast of Haiti.

No word on our adoption paperwork, but thankfully we know that F will be well taken care of where he is at in northern Haiti.

We have forwarded contact information to our family as the plan is to take down the internet satellite dish tomorrow morning before the winds pick up which will mean we will not be able to update people by email, blog or Facebook.

For updates you can check 'Together We Can-Haiti' on Facebook. We will try to stay in contact with them by phone and they will let my folks know.

The masons who worked on the house the last three days will be heading down the mountain early tomorrow morning before the storm so that they can be with their families.

The house we are in has stone walls and two 1st story rooms with no windows that we can shelter in if needed.

The windows of the main house have been covered.

We have plans for everyone's safty, including the animals.

Please pray for protection from the storm and that adequate preparations are made.

Many people have inadequate shelter and their income from gardens and livestock is at risk.

Will update when we can. Thank you for the prayers.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday hike and house, by Cory

This morning we, Kris and I,  did our first hike to some colonial ruins about 45 minutes away.

Thursday a load of 200 bags of cement and iron rebar arrived on a dump truck. Construction of the house foundation should start Monday.