Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Photo's from biology lab and house...

Flat Stacy visit

Plastering of walls

The pig.. for Anna's advanced biology dissection

Cory's yacon...a path was made over it but it survived. Now rescued.

Clean up started.

Crew leaving after we prayed with them. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Walls continue...

Electrical and Plumbing in the walls.
I've not done much this week on the house, mostly because when trying to move a big stone that I wanted for a small interior wall I smashed the end of my left ring-finger between two rocks.

Now sporting a purple finger in a metal split I'm focused on school, correspondence [but spelling isn't helped with missing one finger to type with] and mental work.

I'm thankful that the Embassy visit for visa fingerprints occurred before squashing my finger...but in the next couple of weeks we may need to go to a Haitian office for prints so we can pick up our Haitian residential visas. Praying for fast healing.

I'm starting to try to plan for trips but they all hinge on getting Fritzlin's visa so that we can travel as a family.

We pray to soon hear about the US visa, and then getting his medical exam done.

So even traveling to northern Haiti to get our household items can not be totally planned at this point because we don't know when the medical exam will need to be done.

Meanwhile this week there are 5 Haitian men working on the walls, along with Cory.

 Thankful that our water cistern still has water for the plastering.

Special cement "Base coat" powder mixed with water is applied to the foam in a thin layer.

Next the orange fiberglass mesh is cut and pushed into the first layer...and a second thin layer added on top.

By the next morning this has harden into a strong layer.

The next step is to apply a thin coat of Haitian mix of mortar

Cory is nicely working to remove small splatters from the rock walls that occurred the first day.

Now taped up pieces of plastic help to protect my rock walls.
In addition to this work the inner door frames were put in this week.  
Praying that my nice wooden doors will fit as it appears it will be a very tight fit. 
Off the Veerhouse Voda web site, the company who sold some of the supplies and gave Cory and Eli a tour of how the wall system works.....the advantages of this system include:
  • while comparable to traditional systems it is faster and cheaper
  • hurricane resistant to category 4.
  • earthquake resistant
  • fire tested to 1,500 degrees centigrade
  • flood resistant-no mold
  • non caloric-no insects or rodents
  • no wood needed
  • housing lifespans 70+ years
  • and no heavy machinery needed to put it up. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Interior walls...first steps

During the busy medical clinics a small crew of three men continued with our interior walls.

Very exciting to see something you worked out on paper be transformed into 3-dementional, full size rooms.

  • Step One: measure, dream and plan.

  • Step Two: Rethink, remeasure, plan again....

  • Step Three: Measure in the house, putting down tape or boards to help you visualize the walls.

  • Step Four: Crew cut and put 1"x2" hollow metal support bars in place with screws.

  • Step Five: Cut, measure, put styrofoam in place.
Foam cut with a tool that has a heated blade but it is slow so most is done with handsaws. 

  • Step Six: Screws with plastic disk tops screw into the iron frame to hold the foam in place. 

  • Step Seven: spray expanding "glue" foam along the joints. Cutting smaller pieces to completely cover the support bars. 

  • Step Eight: Peel off or trim off excess glue once dry. 

  • Step Nine: Draw on foam where electrical plugs, light switches and water lines will be placed. 
This next week...putting the electrical and plumbing in the walls.

Cover the joints with with plaster and fiberglass mesh, then the whole wall gets a layer of plaster, mesh and another coat of plaster. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Busy, busy, busy

Teaching the patients waiting in line
We finished up last week with only a couple days between teams.

I continued to clean the rock walls...and finished Anna's room yesterday afternoon following clinic.

On Saturday, late afternoon the big medical team arrived.

The last three days we've seen over 800 people.

I start the day talking to those waiting in line about the various health topics that I always focus on with a waiting crowd.

Things like: cataract prevention, not putting small objects in ears, how to prevent and treat colds, vagainal dischage, high blood pressure, heart burn, breastfeeding, knowing your medication, skin care, massage, aloe plants....and a new one is anti-tabacco due to many smoking and sniffing tabacoo up here on this cold mountain (lows in the low 50's this week).

After I answer any questions folks may have I've been helping with pharmacy.

There are 3 practitioners seeing children, one seeing aduts and one seeing women.

Today we saw the woman who I delivered her second twin while my folks were here. Following the deaths of her children at day 5 and 10 after delivery, she became very sick.

She continues to do poorly and appears to have suffered from a mental issue. She received prayer and some IV fluids before being sent down the mountain for additional medical care.

Please continue to pray.

We will continue to have full clinics for the next two days and a 1/2 day on Friday before the team heads down the mountain.

On the house...they started putting the foam on the interior walls today.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Doors, walls, and gravel.

By all reports from our relatives who were able to go to Calvin College and watch Rangeela, Eli did well. We caught a few seconds here and there of the first part of the Middle East dance but our internet sadly just could not handle it.

TWCH has a team here right now working on various projects and a large medical team coming in for clinics next week. This means that there are cooks..taking over the food preparations and dish washing as well as new people to interact with at meals and after the work day.

The mason who's working on our interior walls didn't come last week but he and a helper started putting up the metal frames yesterday. Now they are out of supplies, which have been delayed coming from Port au Prince but maybe they will arrive tomorrow.

Making cheap pine doors look good
The last three evenings we've experienced heavy, cold rain which is good for filling the cisterns but not so great for folks trying to get projects done.

Yesterday Cory and I were working on a down stairs doorframe in our house when the rain started. The water flowing into our cistern sounded like a huge bathtub filling up.

Some of this water will be used to plaster our interior walls.

Working to try to arrange for more  metal for the wall frames to come up the mountain along with the 4" thick sheets of styrofoam and fiberglass screen that will be plastered to make the walls.

Plastering mortar already arrived but  we are waiting for the other supplies.

The digging crew has moved to a deposit we had noticed in the driveway to get more chalk/sand to plaster the walls. 

Not sure if the two man masonry crew will stay up next week as most of the housing will be full of the medical team and support staff.

We've offered to let them stay at the house and to purchase a couple of mattresses for them.

Dealing with many unknowns and uncertainties at this time..not only us but Elijah as well. Thank you for the prayers.