Monday, August 25, 2014

Dragon Fruit Flower

This weekend we enjoyed seeing our first, full sized, dragon fruit flower blossom.

They blossom at night and remain open until almost noon the next day.

Cory collected pollen for future flowers on the dragon fruit plants on the bread nut tree that flowered earlier this year but did not set fruit due to lack of pollination.

This type self pollinates so we will carefully watch for a fruit!

A cloudy day outside, as we work on the book editing and school work.

The Vermaires should be on the road heading our way with a Haitian driver, as the Irvines were unable to visit at this time.

We will use this occasion to send down some items we no longer need to share with the other missionaries as well as send some plants to our friends in St. Marc.

Tomorrow the Compassion folks should be coming to campus.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Guavas and lilies

Yesterday morning and today the air almost vibrates with songs of birds, bugs and frogs. Yesterday we did receive a half-inch of rain so maybe more later with the singing frogs.

Heard last night that the LaGonave hospital move needed to be pushed back so our visitors may be coming on Monday if vehicle repairs happen today.

Enjoying and sharing guavas with friends this week. 

The smaller ones are regular pink seedlings from Florida. 

One turned out to be similar to 'Ruby Supreme', which is mild flavored, sweet and reported to be so big the fruit flies can't get into it as much as other varieties.

 The fruit flies/worms aren't bad so far this year so it may just be the year.

The big green guava is a seedling of 'Bankok Large'. 

It is huge and without the usual guava odor and flavor. 

It matures very slowly so the worms and bugs ruin them before they really ripen, but they are good at the mature green stage like a crunchy vegetable.

School, book editing and life continue as normal. 

Anna is feeling much better with only a slight cough remaining.

Hanging up clothes on the line yesterday I noticed that the giant spider lily bloomed.

 In past years, caterpillars damaged the plant so badly I did not get to enjoy the flowers.
 I only picked the blooms that had already opened so I can refresh the cup later. 

They produce a faint, sweet smell. 

For the flower lovers, it is a Crinum lily, sometimes called the purple spider lily.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

For the compulsive checkers...

OK. Not really much to update, but I hate to think of those of you who check the blog frequently looking again and finding nothing.

Help me out and send me some questions or suggestions for blog topics please.

Campus quiet this week but next week will be hosting a large Compassion event.

While the Michigan cousins remain on summer break, we started week seven of our school year. I'm planning on completing up Eli's paperwork for college applications this week having submitted the academic referral on-line Monday.

Cory continues to make good progress on the Creole agricultural book and turned over some of the devotionals to Met. Alert as he will help with the final editing.

Anna's 14-day fever cleared on Saturday, and her cough continues to improve as well. Very thankful for her return to health.

More interesting days coming ahead...

  • Two Seven days before Dan and Joy arrive to bring new teammates Dr. Bob and Marcia up for a few weeks of Creole study. [Lord willing]
  • In 14 days, Eli will turn a year older. [He sent in his college application this week!]
  • In 23 days, we will celebrate our move to Haiti, 16 years ago.
  • Lord willing, 128 days before family arrives for Christmas. [Anna's counting]

The most exciting event to be added to our calendar, we cannot count down to yet. We continue to wait on our adoption referral and getting to schedule our two-week bonding trip. Folks keep saying referrals should start soon but no evidence yet.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Seven Years at Fauche and an Invitation.

Middle of the move-stuff on the boat.
Seven years ago, we started to try to put our new Fauche house in order that had been unloaded from a truck in approximately 20 minutes the afternoon before under threat of a thunderstorm.

Piles of stuff needed to be moved just to be able to put something in its correct location.

 Thankfully we have only had one major move  in 16 years and one minor across the LaGonave campus.

In seven years, Eli and Anna switched bedrooms and we also changed where we eat meals.

First day of international school
Many things remain the same.

Others are very different now.

Solar power, dramatically lowering our dependence on the irregular and rare government electricity is a huge improvement.

No more long trips to the international school over bad roads.

 Now with six years of home schooling with Sonlight we happily learn at home.

More than 100+ new species of trees and plants currently call campus their home.

7 years ago.
Church visit in the north.
Some of the fruit trees have produced exotic fruits despite the issues of grubs, too much rain, heavy clay soil and the occasional goat/cow attack.

Teams improved and worked on almost every building on campus during the last seven years.

Same faithful truck.

Same excitement over visitors.

Should you like to join a team Kris' folks have room for you to join them on a visit here.

They will come earlier to spend Christmas with us but will be staying on for a few weeks.
Last ride to school!!

With American Airlines planning to start flights directly into Cap Haitian, the ticket prices improved as well as the ease of coming to the north.

The team will be leaving Haiti on January 21st with an overnight in Florida. Planned arrival around the 7th of January would make a two-week trip.

Please let us or Kris' folks know if you'd like to visit.

Current project includes making church benches, but more projects will be added once the skills of the team are known, and the leadership's to-do list explored.
Come see for your self!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Great Birthday

Kitchen pineapple plants waiting planting. 
I enjoyed my special day yesterday.
  • Time with my Lord.
  • Chatted by computer with my folks.
  • Time with my family.
  • Enjoyed reading the birthday greetings and wishes from Facebook friends from around the world. 
  • Learning to organize my i-tunes and my new mini  i-pod shuffle.

  • Enjoying a hamburger, vinegar potatoes, oatmeal cake, and mint chocolate.
Dragon fruit flower.

  • I canceled school yesterday afternoon and today-a home school perk.
  • Spent some time in my happy place in the plant nursery in my hammock.
  • Enjoyed the running water in my shower-twice!
  • Soaked up the view from my yard while hanging laundry.

  • Played some games. 
  • Watched a video.
  • Thought about and prayed for our little ones [imagining that their/our paperwork moving forward]
  • Looked at the stars and watched the moon rise.