Saturday, June 25, 2016

Garden Visit, and Good Sunscreen recommendation

Help with PSAT math review
 A couple good rains this week which we needed will really help the trees and plants continue to grow.

We continue to enjoy having Eli back home. Not really doing anything 'special' but just being able to hang out with him and enjoy his presence is wonderful.

Garden work, clinic chats, kids working on some language studies but mostly reading, some video game competitions and family time.

Anna did go to the beach with friends taking a work-team from the Emmaus Seminary. Anna's friend's blog..    Eli preferred to stay home and read.

Due to a three inch rain, the rest of the family did not visit the far gardens beyond the river with Cory, but we did take a short hike to see Gener's garden.

Short, only half-a-mile, but mostly up hill. Great views. The egg fruit, peach palm, and jack fruit planted last winter are growing well.

This weekend we plan to celebrate Eli's birthday [3 months early] because he's with us!

Genre's mountain garden, planted with cassava, beans and fruit trees.
Since we work with health education and preventing health problems, we would like to give a quick sunscreen product review, written by Cory.

Being a light skinned agricultural missionary in the tropics, married to a MD, I get reminded from time to time that I am getting too tanned and need to use more sunscreen.

Having read about sunscreen killing off coral, disrupting hormones, blocking vitamin D production, penetrating skin and then causing damage if not reapplied generously every two hours, and having it stain clothes orange, I liked to have some tan as backup protection.

While in NY for the summit I found a titanium and zink oxides based mineral sunscreen to try and it works well compared to the chemical screens.

It doesn't rub off easily, even while sweating, has not stained clothes yet and I do not worry about whether it stays in my skin for days making free radicals if I don't have fresh sunscreen on each time I'm in the sun.

The most recent detailed article I saw is:EWG 2016 Sunscreen Report

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day weekend.

A nice family weekend experienced by all. 

Talks, laughing, videos, games, song, hamburgers, and mulberry pie enjoyed by each of us.

For Father's Day we walked down to the river before church to celebrate with four young women who were baptized. 

The hot, muggy weather helps many of the trees and plants to grow but caused some leaf spot disease with the peanut crops.
The peach palm by the road continues to grow and bloom.

The dragon fruit plants also bloomed this weekend.

We enjoyed a second face time with F this week. 

We like hearing a bit about his week: school, a camp out, playing with his goat. 

It is a joy to watch his face as he rubs his eyes fighting off sleep [skipped nap time to play] or expressions as he tries to answer our questions.

Anna is off to enjoy the beach with a team from OMS seminary who surprised her with an early morning invitation to pick her up as they went by campus on their way to ChouChou Bay.

Eli decided to stay home and hang out with the folks. Yeah for us. 

Spent a few hours chatting to waiting folks at clinic. 

Lots of moms with young children today so I'm hopeful that each learned at least one thing that can help them live healthier lives.

Cory came down and gave out cuttings for chaya. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


A quiet morning for me full of prayers and praising.


  • Spending time with Eli. Getting to listen and watch him interact with our family and friends. Laughing at videos or discussing books, good-morning and good-night hugs.
  • Getting a chance to Face Time with F on Sunday. Very special hearing his voice and giggles and seeing his expressions. Hearing him ask questions to each of us and his wanting to learn more about his new home. Seeing his small bag of possessions he packed last week..asking the Lord to continue to fill him with hope and joy while we continue to wait for paperwork to exit IBESR.
  • Needed rain for the gardens.
  • Anna's sprained thumb continues to improve.
  • Speaking to about 50 people on Monday and 20+ adults yesterday while they wait to see the doctors or dentist. Very appreciative and listened well for close to two hours of health advice.
  • Cory helped with the planting of some free cocoa trees for the campus from a Compassion group program on campus yesterday after they taught about the environment and demonstrated to young people how to plant the trees. Thankful as well he arrived in time to prevent a water line from being broken and being able to direct some from the large group to the best places to plant the trees.
  • For many of the students in the adult literacy classes who were able to receive reading glasses so they don't have to share anymore during class.
  • For the credit card company blocking an Air Canada ticket purchase that we didn't do on our card. That our card was not used for any other items and is now being changed and replaced.
  • That Calvin let Eli know about a required class he needs in the fall and that he was able to sign up for it without trouble. 
  • For having enough bananas to share with the children in Kids Club, volleyball and literacy programs. 
  • That the generator for the clinic was fixed yesterday.
  • For faithful supporters. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Contrasting worship.

Two Sundays in a row, two very different settings.

The Buffalo NY Conference Center: complete with armed security, air-conditioning, video screens, great sound system and multiple colored lights where we met with the vast majority of Global Partner's missionaries from around the world in a service that mingled GP's Amplifying Mission Summit participants with church representatives attending General Conference.

Two thousand or so people in one room, worshiping and praising our Lord in English. Cold air making me shiver as we sat in nicely padded chairs watching the flags of our countries of service projected on a big screen.

The next week at home in Fauche: we again praised the Lord and worshiped with about 100 others.

A one-story cement building with unfinished windows, on a wooden church pew with many hand fans stirring the hot air while we sang in Haitian Creole and listened to a message about the importance of children recognizing the Day of the Child.

No electricity used during service.

Two very different places, cultures, and people but the same sweet worship to the same amazing Lord and Savior.

Both special and containing people who love, pray, and support us and our ministry.

Between these two Sundays two courageous people lost their battles with cancer. I'd prayed for both for years and will continue to pray for their families. One a cousin, I saw at family reunions most summers, I think the first of our generation to move on to the next life.  Thankful my parents will be able to attend the celebration of Greg's life and express our condolences to the family.

The second, a friend and fellow GP missionary, perhaps the first to pass on during our partnership with GP. Thankful for the smile we shared at the Summit. Thankful I can continue to pray for the seeds Crystal planted especially with her medical team in Czech during her years of treatment.

Thankful for the comfort that we can take, along with the families, that both these special people served and loved the Lord.

Lord help me to serve you better. Help me to draw closer to you and truly share your transforming love with a hurting world. Help me to fight strong and with courage the battles you allow in my life. Help me to learn to share Your hope better and amplify Your love.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Home again.

Wonderful worship as a Global Partner's Tribe Sunday morning at General Conference in Buffalo, New York.

Met a few friend's in person for the first time and connected again with some old friends.

Then headed out for the airport. Made it without any trouble to Miami and to the hotel. After a great night's sleep and good breakfast we returned to the airport at 9 a.m. for our flight into Cap Haitian.

Smoothly cleared customs, waiting, boarded the plane and waited. A couple members of the crew needed to be switched out due to the number of hours they worked.

 After a bit we took off, but between receiving our snack packets and the drinks being passed out, the Captain announced that the officials in Cap Haitian had closed the international airport for 'unexpected construction' and we would be turning around to return to Miami.

Once in back in Miami we were informed that the whole plane was rebooked for the next day and that we could proceed to collect our baggage. This took more waiting, about one hour, and then we headed back to the same hotel.

Seven hours round we walked to the nearby Denny's Restaurant for a late lunch / early supper. Cory then contacted American Airlines as the Tuesday flight to Cap Haitian was also cancelled.

Apparently the runway has a hole or a buckle in it which lighter, smaller planes don't have an issue with but the bigger planes can't land on safely.

With the uncertainty of when the bigger planes would be able to fly into Cap we decided to fly on Tuesday to Port-au-Prince. So hot showers, a bit of TV, and early to bed.

Tuesday we returned to the airport at 7 a.m. for our flight. We talked to the American airlines employee about arranging a flight from Port to Cap as we'd heard that a team had made those arrangements. But no, we were told that wasn't possible.

Flight into Haiti was nearly 1/2 empty. No problems.

Cleared immigration and customs in less than one hour and met up with the mission driver.

While he was prepared to drive us a few hours to the Ortlip Center for the night, where on Wed. our truck would drive down from the North [4 hours of rough, dangerous roads] we ended up at the little airport.

[He told us that the Port Margot Fauche volleyball team was talked about on national television a lot when they sent 4 teams to nationals, with two of those teams being champions and a third team coming in second!]

Between the two airports we stopped at the Sunrise Airway's office and booked 4 tickets on the afternoon flight up to Cap Haitian. We then proceeded to the little airport, checked in, and ate some snacks we had for lunch while waiting for our flight.

The plane came from Cuba a bit late but once we were in the air the flight is only 30 minutes. Our guys picked us up and we made it home before dark and before a thunderstorm. Thank you Lord!

[You may be wondering about no people pictures: well some of our tribe live and work in very sensitive areas around the world and should not have pictures on public media as being part of our tribe. Second we focused on people and connecting more than photos.]