Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Great Celebration

We enjoyed a wonderful time on Saturday.

Words cannot express how blessed we felt with so many folks coming out to help us celebrate Anna's high school graduation, Fritzlin's adoption, and our 20 years of ministry in Haiti.

We connected with some folks we see often in the USA and others who we've not seen in years or even decades.

Connections included: family, college, His Hands, friends, Haiti friends, partnerships, and friends of friends.

Saying thank you face-to-face is always a wonderful feeling: all who prayed for our family, Fritzlin's adoption, Anna's transition, including some we'd not met before in person.

Very thankful that Eli joined us as well.

Thank you to all who took the time and effort to come visit with us.

If we've not connected with you and you would like us to send you a new prayer card and pictures of Anna and Fritzlin please let us know.

We're also thankful to be able to connect and worship on Sunday, with Caring Community Church after many years of not visiting!

Office work:

 Monday we sent off the additional evidence and documents requested by Homeland Security regarding Fritzlin's citizenship paperwork.

Worked on Anna's and Eli's financial aid paperwork. AMP/Haiti correspondence.

Visited the library.

Prayer Request: We hear that John Pierre is having health issues and needs to see the eye doctor rapidly.

He's also apparently having issues with his blood sugar and weakness.

Now our overnight travels start: with family at the cottage, to Wisconsin this weekend at The River church; then four days in Michigan to prepare for 10-11 days in Pennsylvania and New York.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Prayers, Pictures and parties

Last few days we've prayed extra for our friends and team in Haiti.

The president's announment of big increases for fuel resulted in violent protests, especially around Port-au-Prince.

At least three dead and lots of property damage in some areas.

Major cities saw road blocks and the US Embassy called for their employees and visitors to shelter in place.

A couple of teams planning to visit Haiti with Global Partners this week were delayed.

Praying for teams and teammates in Haiti and those planning on flying out this week.

With the 4th of July celebrations and five open-houses so far, Fritzlin thinks that there are lots of family parties in America.

On Saturday we will be celebrating Anna's graduation, Fritzlin's adoption, and our first 20 years of living in Haiti.

If you happen to be in the Allegan area stop by between 1-6 p.m. at the Allegan Township Hall [air-conditioned and easy parking].

Fritzlin and Anna enjoyed the lake for over six hours but managed to stay awake to enjoye some fireworks.

Rasberry picking, gardening, hanging out with cousins make for interesting days.

Sunday we enjoyed sharing with Friendship Wesleyan church with all three of our kids!

For the next few weeks we will not get to see Eli as much on weekends due to our travel.

July 15th             10 A.M.              Caring Community        Albion

July  22               8:15; 10 A.M.     The River                       Minong WI

July 29               10 A.M.               Sandy Lake                    Sandy Lake PA

July 30 Monday 6 p.m.                  Brookside                       Julian PA

July 31 Tuesday                             Whig Street                    Salamanca NY

Aug. 1-3                                         Refresh                          Houghton Campus NY

Aug 2  Thursday       10 A.M.        Library                          Houghton Campus

Aug.  5th            A.M.                  Houghton Church            Houghton NY
                           P.M.                   North Park Wesleyan     Cuba NY

Aug. 8th            6 P.M.                  Wells Wesleyan              Wells, NY
Grandpa's garden
Cory planted a few chestnut trees in the fencerow.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Last week in June

Monday: Fritzlin questioned why he had to wear a mask during a visit to the hospital for some testing....as he's not sick.

He did fine and enjoyed getting candy and a toy from the treasure box.

Anna's trip to town later in the day resulted in her driving permit!

Tuesday afternoon we visited with friends from Haiti.

Thank you Bruce and Amy for hosting!
Anna learned that her first college roommate is from Cameroon.

Wednesday afternoon we hosted Fritzlin's second foster family.

 The kids enjoyed playing and talking-they've all grown since their last visit. So thankful that the Lord arranged for Fritz's first two foster families who cared for him for over 4 years to live in Michigan so we can visit easier.

Thursday we focused on school, office work, some reading for fun and I [Kris] started my yearly unit of continuing medical education requirements.

Friday (yesterday) both Anna and Fritzlin received good check-ups from the dentist, and then checked out library books.

We met up and visited with Dr. Steve, over ice cream, to introduce him to Fritzlin as he helped us with our adoption paperwork.

We also spent time discussing agriculture in Haiti as Dr. Steve is the founder and director of Starfysh. They run the Life Gardens and moringa leaf powder production on LaGonave.

We returned home to enjoy pizza with my folks, part of my brother's family, and Eli.

Eli returned from spending a week at IWU helping with the Global Partner's missionary kids who's parents were attending Requip training last week.

Hanging out with family, "just because" is one of my favorite things in life.

Watching the love shared by listening to stories, laughing at teasing, or smiling at my brother wrestling with Fritzlin are memories that we cherish.

Today we will hang out with family and attend a friend's open house.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Refuge Ministries here close to Allegan.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Exciting News introducing AMP Haiti

Exciting news. Praise the Lord, the last church damaged in Haiti's 2010 earthquake has been rebuilt. Many of the churches damaged with Hurricane Mathew in 2017, have also been rebuilt.

The missionaries involved in the rebuilding can start to consult with the national church to set new goals and development projects.  The focus will return to development, supporting national churches and outreach. Transitioning to new focus and goals will occur with a change of leadership structure and teams in Haiti. 

During area retreat in May, we learned about these changes and were pleasantly surprised and excited to learn that the development team will concentrate on using agriculture to support the national church ministries.

 While we are just in the early stages of exploring what this team will look like we can share a broad overview at this time. Kris has agreed to become team leader and Cory will share the agricultural expertise learned from 20 years of experience in Haiti. We see how living in the three locations we’ve lived in Haiti has prepared Cory to be able to advise farmers in all the environments found in Haiti: hot, dry, salty, wet, sandy, clay…and now cool mountains. 

AMP Haiti. [Agriculture Ministry Partnership] Helping Haitian farmers support family, church, & community.

One side of the agriculture will be what we plan to do at Délice..look into cool weather crops that can turn a profit to support the national church. A second site will be needed for hot climate demonstration gardens and could possibly include a processing plant, missionary housing, office and the like. 

The second agricultural part will be to continue and expand agricultural teaching and resources for the Haitian farmers so that they can improve the lives of their families, work to protect Haiti’s fragile environment, improve food security and therefore benefit their communities. Their local churches and associated Christian schools will also benefit from improved food and economic security. 

Improving the financial resources of both the local Wesleyan churches and the national church will help in many areas of ministry not only in Haiti but beyond with the ability to send Haitian missionaries to work in French speaking areas of the world. 

Partnerships will include those between Global Partners missionaries working hand and hand with the Wesleyan church of Haiti and local farmers; churches and individuals partnering with AMP Haiti; as well as other organizations. 

Please join us in praying for this new team, as we strive to explore the needs, goals, and potential impact of this new focus. Pray for wisdom, clear communications, right priorities, new property, resources, and ideal partners. We are actively looking and recruiting new prayer partners as we know that new ministry opportunities come with new challenges. 

Should you have any questions, we hope you feel free to contact us.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Cory's Haiti Trip..Part 2

Monday I headed back to Delice / Blessing after getting some pvc pipe and supplies in Port au Prince.

Hard cement layer over soft, rough cement floor
Resurfacing the floor is about half done, will take a few more days this fall to finish.

 Plumbing is mostly done and now a toilet works.

Planting macadamia trees
A few fruit trees, macadamias, potatoes, yacon and ornamentals are planted.

Pepino dulce/sweet cucumber has produced well the past year, along with some tomatoes that sprouted in the neighbor's yard and produced well on their own.

Plumbing challenge

Pepino dulce or "sweet cucumber"
Macadamia trees
Jackfruit at Fauche
The next Monday I returned to Fauche.
Peach palms from Costa Rica 3 years after planting & good grazing
We checked out all the gardens and most are growing well.

We spent part of two mornings weeding and trimming the tree nursery. 

Malay apple tree
On the way to the airport Friday, we stopped at Deep River Mission to deliver a few fruit trees, coconuts and see how the trees we provided a year or two ago are growing.
Many have grown fast and should start fruiting soon. 

Starfruit is already producing and had good flavor.