Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm back...sorry for the silence.

Thankful that work on Route National One did not close the road.
I apologize for the week without news.

The week filled up fast with travel, meetings, and celebrations.

Monday we left home early for our four-hour drive to catch the ferry to LaGonave.

The trip went well, and we were joined with another of our team's families on the ferry.

The most surreal moment of the week occurred on the ferry.

They played the Terminator movie loudly in French on the ferry and during a couple of very violent parts a group of Haitian church ladies sang just as loud, that 'we all need Jesus'.

Sometimes you just shake your head....and agree.

Monday night we visited with a few of our team mates and went to bed early.

Tuesday and Wednesday the adults of the team gathered for meetings.

We enjoyed eating together, along with the children.

Tuesday night the teenage gals and women joined for a baby shower for our newest missionary child, due to arrive in mid-February.

Wednesday night we enjoyed a large Thanksgiving supper, and then the missionary children provided the entertainment.

Thursday the four families who live on the mainland crossed the sea, along with one of the LaGonave families heading into Port-au-Prince for shopping and family time.

The trip from the LaGonave Wesleyan campus to our Fauche campus took seven hours.

We were tired but found our propane tank empty, so needed to clean up some of the refrigerator.

Thankfully only the milk spoiled.

Friday we worked on a few things and rested because Saturday we took a short trip to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our missionary friends in the North.

I plan to share more about the encouraging message we heard on our adoption blog.

Because of the bigger celebrations and because it just does not feel right to celebrate family Thanksgiving with three of us, we will be postponing it along with decorating for Christmas until we number more than three.

Saturday night I enjoyed reading a paper Eli's working on for his engineering class.

Thankful that I can still make some suggestions and help a bit!

Yesterday we worshiped and rested up for the week. We haven't planned many specific events this week but will focus on school and planting the new land.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Travel time.

Packed and ready to head out early tomorrow morning.

One big family thankful, we finished the final edit of the Creole Konsey Health book on Friday. For the first time in over 5 1/2 years we do not have a Konsey book waiting for us to work on improving!

We plan to catch the public ferry heading to LaGonave close to noon.

We will spend Tuesday and Wednesday in team meetings and enjoy celebrating American Thanksgiving on Wednesday night.

This will be the first time in nine years that we celebrated with any of the Global Partners team.

On Saturday we will celebrate with some of the missionaries in the North.

Then following breakfast on Thursday some of us will take the boat back to the mainland and head home.

I'm thankful for the distractions because with praying for a Thanksgiving miracle, I know I would be tempted to spend my days checking for the email letting us know that our chart exited IBESR.

Tropical 'fall' colors. 
Eli enjoyed a weekend with some family time, hunting, and a visit from a fellow missionary Kid before finding out that his old computer picked up a major computer virus.

Thankfully he emailed his papers right before the crash.

Praying for any protests to stay non-violent as people continue to talk about fraud in the elections and perhaps needing to post-pone the December elections.

Praying for government workers to be able to work, schools to be open, the road to be clear.

Praying for good meetings and fellowship with our team.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the USA. All praise, glory, and honor to our Lord and Savior.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Big Wesleyan Garden: A Cory blog


This week, a 2nd garden was purchased, in the Northern Wesleyan District's name.

This 2 acre garden should be big enough for the rest of the peach palms [about 200 palms] plus jack fruit and egg fruit trees for seeds and market.
Clearing out the old path
The space will also become home to a few other trees: rambutan, avocado, mango, etc. Some banana multiplication can occur during the first years in the extra space between some of the trees.

Replanting parts of the fencerow will be a big job.

One side of the garden borders an old overgrown walkway.

It will be restored to divert the path that has gone through the middle of the garden for a few years.

The soil is clay so drainage is slow (2" rain last night) but there is a gentle slope and one side of the garden borders a small ravine with a seasonal stream.

We will work put in some channels to improve the drainage.

A share cropper is growing rice on the left side of the field with an odd corn plant here or there.

We met today and agreed he can still plant a patch of sweet potato.

We will be planting some trees among the rice plants soon.

We marked tree planting spots in some of the pasture.

Digging and planting should start next week after the completion of the "living fence".

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prayers needed.

The night prior to taking office, President Martelly requested a night of prayer, and the evangelical churches responded.
So after Cory and I put the children to bed we headed down to church to join in the prayer service.

I remember several interesting parts to that night, including a specific prayer at midnight asking the Lord to neutralize all the curses being placed at that time.

The people prayed for forgiveness on behalf of their countryman and prayed for two local witch doctors by name. I remember one of the names and have prayed for that women for almost five years.

Following a night of distant drums, I thought about her as well as the family down the road whose house we visited at least twice during prayer walks.

I knew that our area is home to several others so I decided to see if I could get a list to pray for by name.

I really did not think much about it. I prefer to pray specifically about things rather than general.

A few days after that request I was informed that the list continued to grow, and that they had twenty names already.

Twenty shocked me!  I had no idea. After the list made it to me, I counted 45 names of Voodoo priests and priesteses living within about five miles of our house. In the same area, four Wesleyan churches exist.

45 people where we live actively lead worship, pray to, and serve the devil.
45 people live in fear and bondage.
45 people that others fear.

Thankful that some of the children from these families attend Kid's Club on Sundays and hear the Truth. Thankful that some of our churches use the Konsey books to reach out to the Voodoo priests, putting into their hands not only 'Advice to Live Better' but the plan of salvation.

Lord bring revival. Shine Your Light into every dark corner. Amplify Your Word. Help the scales fall from blind eyes and show them Your truth. Let their deaf ears be open to Your life giving voice. Soften their hard hearts with Your healing touch. Transform them. Wash them white as snow. Adopt them into Your family.

[Contact me if  you would like the list of names for your prayers]

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mid-November already

Peach palm in rental garden planted last February
Cory put in many hours this week improving the Creole in the first Konsey book, the one focused on medical information. As of this morning he has reviewed 2/3 of the book.

The new Konsey Book for Children shipped to Florida and we hope to be able to start distributing them before Christmas.

A nice rain this week refreshed the trees and plants.

Anna is working hard on her school work and started practicing with the volleyball team again.

Eli saw his first snow/sleet in 5 years and wrote us 'I think I'm in trouble' and referred to himself as a 'tropical popsicle' .

Share-croppers weeding rice in the new garden
He also signed up for his next classes! Did not get all the ones he'd hoped but is on track to participate in Calvin's engineering summer class in Germany.

Glad a friend could visit him this weekend and for all the support from family and friends.

I worked on some items connected to my Haiti missionary team leader role, in preparation for our Haiti team meeting in a couple of weeks.

We continue to review our adoption books as we pray for our Thanksgiving miracle.