Thursday, December 18, 2014

5 more days!!

5 more days! Very excited to welcome 13 members of my family for Christmas this year.
First Birthday!

Due to this fact, along with the facts that this fall we focused on completing the second Creole book, getting Eli's college paperwork done and a week spent in Cap Haitian, our annual FALL cleaning occurred during these very last days of fall.

Winter comes on Sunday and the cleaning I hope will be done. Overall our house stays mostly clean, most of the time so it is OK to stop in for a surprise visit. However when we know visitors will be coming we bump it up a level. Mom or mother-in-law visits bump up the cleaning a bit more. 

While a pristine house never happens here for us,  certain events generate additional energy and to help pass the time waiting for the event we do extra cleaning! Major cleaning triggering events include: bringing home a new family member, home study, and this year...having 17 members of Grandma DeWent's family [12 related by blood although the clean gene is quit dilute in some of us] for Christmas!!

I think we hit the timing right on...too early and one finds with only screens on the windows (no glass) that you need to start cleaning again. Too late and the last few hours fill with anxiety fueled rushing to get everything ready. Our pace remains good.
Dr. Winick's family. Local church leader, dentist,
 and director of the clinic.
Mme. Winick is Mme. Rosemary's daughter.

Eli and Anna continue with a few school projects but will I hope finish up the year tomorrow. Cory reports NO office work to do at this time and looks forward to some garden time between cleaning jobs the next few days. [Note: with many interruptions today I don't know if the garden time will be happening but he's cleaning!]

Campus will be having celebrations over the next couple of weeks as well. Next week the clinic plans to accept medical and dental patients at a special Christmas price for an appointment. Even on Christmas day!

Praising the Lord with the news with at least 5 adoption referrals this week and at least one family getting out of IBESR. 

Monday, December 15, 2014


A cold, cloudy day here in Fauche as we work on office work, school and a bit of cleaning.

[Pictures from Saturday morning..when we enjoyed the sunshine!]

Some ladies today mentioned 'the big cold' and with the current temperature [3 p.m.] in my kitchen at 75˚ knowing the temperature will continue to fall unless the sun shines I'm agreeing with them.

I'm thankful to own blankets, socks, flannel pants under my heavy denim jumper, a t-shirt under a long sleeve t-shirt, under a light hoodie and then a med-weight hoodie!

Now I get colder than the rest of my family but Anna's on the couch studying with socks, jeans, and a jean jacket over her t-shirt and Cory is wearing a long sleeve shirt over his t-shirt as well.

Our French tutor showed up today on his motorbike wearing a winter coat and knit winter hat.

One week from now my family should be winging their way from MI to FL.

Cleaning and preparations continue for family Christmas.

If the weather clears Cory will head to Cap Haitian for some shopping tomorrow.

No word yet on our fingerprints, license plates or visas so still praying that the goals from last week's trip to Port will be accomplished.

Heard of one adoption referral this month however heard that many staff members of IBESR started their holidays and after this week no one expects to hear anything before the new year.

Still praying for the Lord to multiply their efforts this week!

Haiti's prime minister resigned this week under pressure from the opposition. Time will tell what this does to the political climate and situation of delayed elections.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trip Success depends on 'they say'

Thursday morning but already a very different week for us.

Monday: completed the Creole agriculture book and sent it to the publisher. PRAISE THE LORD. Sent out an e-mail update and finished some letters.

Tuesday: Cory and I headed toward Port-au-Prince with Gener and arrived at the Ortlip Center in 4 hours and 20 minutes. No delays or problems!! Enjoyed connecting with our newest teammates the Stephens.

Wednesday: In the truck and headed to the Embassy at 4:35 a.m. Arrived shortly after 6 and in line about 6:10. Watched the sunrise over the mountains while in line. A man directed us to a short line for the US citizens. After a while and a couple of security folks confirmied we were in the correct line. I prompted Cory to ask another officer as the other folks in line had appointments and we did not. We were moved to a much longer line but only for a few minutes then he returned, apologized and returned us to the first line.

Cleared security and sitting in the COLD waiting room about 7:20 a.m. Done by 10:30 and heading back to the Ortlip Center. Grabbed our stuff, used the bathroom [very important to use nice bathrooms when you have the chance when traveling for hours in Haiti!] and got to visit with a dear friend, Janice Cotrone, for a few minutes.

A few stops for shopping and lunch. Watched a beautiful sunset over the mountains from the highest mountain of our journey. Beautiful. Arrived home at 6:30. Whew!

A good trip....yes. Did we accomplish what we wanted....maybe. Time will tell.

Goal 1: Renew fingerprints. No. They can't do that now at the Embassy. Will blog more details on 'Grafting Treasures'. They say 'we'll contact the USA office this week and have them refresh your old ones.' They say we should hear from them in 2-3 weeks.

Goal 2: New Plate for the truck. Big step done-getting the copies of our paperwork and the needed money to someone who can see it gets done. They say they will do it and send them. Now we wait and hope to get the plates issued for our truck and get them shipped/delivered to us before the end of the year.

Goal 3: Pick up our residential visas. We thought these were at the Ortlip Center but they were sent back to PAP in an attempt to get them to someone traveling North. They say.. they will get them to us soon.

Goal 4: Supplies. The road to the big hardware store with good prices near the embassy was closed for work on a culvert. Started on the detour but it was long and we didn't want to delay the trip home so decided it would be better to make due with what can be found in Cap Haitian for a little extra $.

So praying and trusting that all these important tasks can be completed in a timely fashion!

A cool [low 70's] rainy day here. Working on office work and school. Starting our shopping list for Cory's trip to Cap Haitian next week-will look a bit different than normal with family here for Christmas.  [sorry no pictures I forgot the camera]

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm Back!!

Wow. Over a week without a blog post! Sorry to those who checked without finding an update. Things should be returning to normal now that...

The book is done! Well, very, very, very close. Cory's tying up a few points and plans to send it to the printers tomorrow. Whew!  Thank you to everyone who prayed. Since mid-summer this project took up much of our time and energy and it feels good to complete it!

Over 12 inches of rain in the last week helped Cory to stay inside and focus on the book.

He did have a Haitian couple come to buy some trees and plants after learning about Cory through the tree sales at the market. A couple pastors also stopped in this week to buy fruit trees.

Rhoda, a friend we know through ECHO stopped in with 4 visitors on Friday, who were attending a conference in the area. Cory enjoyed spending a few hours talking about plants instead of editing Creole.

Tuesday, Cory and I plan to take a "quick" trip to Port au Prince. After e-mailing about updating our fingerprints for adoption paperwork and not hearing back we decided to try a walk-in visit like last time. Plan to be in the line outside the US Embassy around 6:30 a.m. on Wed. Thanks for praying.

 We also hope to get new license plates for the truck. Eli and Anna plan to stay home and continue to do school. Likely we will return home on Thursday but Wed. would be even better!

Areas around and in Port continue to experience protests against the government due to the postponed elections or lack of electricity/water.  Praying for a safe trip!

Sorry again for the lack of communication. Will try to get an update out tomorrow and catch up with E-mails before our trip.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good Thanksgiving!!

Monday we received our internet system back!!
Most of the rest of the week we worked on school and the book.

Thursday afternoon we did take some time out to cook.

Cory handled the mashed potatoes and gravy.

Eli made the corn casserole and bread dressing.

I did the soy chicken legs with veggies.

Anna prepared glazed carrots and peach/mulberry pie.

All tasted great!!

Friday evening after a busy day we enjoyed leftovers and then decorated for Christmas.

 We saved out a few things so we can decorated the guesthouses for family.

 Then we watched part of Dickens' Christmas Carol over Haitian bread dunked in Haitian hot chocolate.

Today Anna and Eli worked on glazed carrots and mulberry pie while I edited the book.

Cory did some yard work before preparing Chaya for the potluck.

We traveled to the Christian radio station, 4VEH, early so we could help with the set up.

Close to 50 folks came together for a great meal and then a short devotional about being thankful for the Lord and who He is...not just what He gives us.

After chatting a bit and helping with clean up we headed home.

In just over  3 weeks we should travel again that direction but go all the way to the airport to pick up Kris's family for Christmas.

Lord willing, the book will be done before then!!! Thank you for the prayers.