Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This and that with an update from Haiti.

Another couple boxes of items to donate as we slowly work through the items in storage and our apartment. For those who don't know we live in the lower level of Kris's folks home while in the USA.

Cory called Haiti yesterday. Everything continues to go well except for no rain in the Port Margot area. Conferences going well with the young people's conference starting today.

On Monday morning, we thought Eli called but could only hear intermittent noises. He texted Monday night to say the phone called accidentally.

Yesterday morning he called to let us know he was learning and enjoying his time in Colorado. Nice to hear from Eli and know he's doing well.

During Monday's meeting with Tim we completed our required term-end debriefing. We continue to work on the checklist to return to Haiti for a new term.

This Sunday we will be heading to Tennessee with my family to make some good memories.

Enjoying library books, some TV, Christian radio but most of all just getting to visit and chat with family regularly.

Monday, July 27, 2015

End of July.

Eli finished writing thank-you notes from his open house before turning his focus on packing for his week in Colorado at Interaction's transition seminar designed to help missionary kids transition to life in the USA.

We continued working on our support team and today will meet with Tim for our term debriefing talk.

We enjoyed connecting with Kentwood Community Church's Wyoming campus on Sunday.

In addition to greetings during church, a mission focus time with lunch and a longer time to share we enjoyed connecting with a Haitian pastor.

We feel very privileged this year to have celebrated both Taylor's 18th birthday in Haiti and now Lyric's. Eli will turn 18 during Calvin's freshman orientation.

We watched an example of fast American farming this week during the harvesting of the wheat around my folk's home.

In just a few hours the total job was done.

Cory, Anna, and I enjoyed some warmer weather picking blueberries this past week.

We're also celebrating the start of green beans!

Next week, we will pick Eli up at the airport, celebrate with Cory's mother's family and immediately join Kris' family for a family vacation week in Tennessee.

Please pray that Haiti's child social service director signs lots of referrals and exits [what we're waiting for] this week before heading out for a month of vacation in August.

No one else can sign these charts and many families will have to wait a month if she doesn't sign this week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Second part of open house weekend.

Sunday morning we headed north to the Dighton Wesleyan church.

We enjoyed gathering with new friends and connecting again with folks we met during our first two visits years ago.

We set up our Haiti table, shared our pictures and talked during the Sunday school hour. 

Good questions help us to clarify and expand the understanding of our support team in the church. 
Very excited to add 18 families/ individuals to our prayer team!!
During church, we enjoyed seeing and hearing about the exciting week of vacation Bible school focusing on Australia and raised money for missionaries in Australia.

After a great lunch with the pastor's family and a second family we headed toward the Thede cottage for some family time.

We enjoyed spending time with Cory's folks and siblings. All 9 of the cousins enjoyed joking and goofing off together. Bikes, walks, fishing, swimming, boating, ping pong, Uno, and lots of talking!

Great family memories!!

Open House Celebration

Wow what a weekend!

Early Saturday morning my Uncle came with a big tent and walked us through the set up.

We then added ten tables and chairs. With the possibility of a thunderstorm coming in, we did not decorate then.

We continued to work on food and decorations until the time came to process the roasted pig!

My folks, Eli and I headed out while Cory prepared to pick up bread rolls and ice.

Anna remained home.

Just as we started to work on the meat a large dark rain cloud opened up forcing us into a barn to finish up.

 Cory and Anna made sure things at home were OK.

The storm passed quickly as we finished up the meat, returned home and started to decorate.

Our first guests arrived just before 2 p.m.

The next four hours were full of food, fellowship and fun as we reconnected with family and friends.

At 4 o'clock as planned, Cory and I did a short update about our family and ministry and answered some questions.

The number of guests dwindled by about 6 p.m. as we rapidly picked the tables and chairs under the tent as a second storm rolled through the area.

With many helping hands, the tent area was down and put away before the first rain drops fell.

The few of us remaining ate and visited in the garage before the final clean up. Then we put up our tired feet and watched Eli open his gifts and many cards.

We put a few things in the car for our Sunday morning speaking engagement before bed.

And made sure our clothes were ready for Sunday morning and a couple of days of family time at the Thede Cottage


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Anna's recovery.

Monday night Anna tried sand volleyball
Anna did very well on Tuesday when her wisdom teeth were removed.

She continues to use ice and heat to try to reduce the swelling.

After a couple days of liquids and soft foods Anna is dreaming of pasta and real food.

Yesterday I finished up a power point presentation that will be available at the open house for people to watch.

Eli is working with Grandpa on some projects and helping the rest of us get ready for Saturday's party.

Thank you Dr. Jim
Mom, Cory and I cleaned the garage today. Tables cleaned.

Cory shopped, getting most of the items we need.

He will head out for rolls, ice and anything we forgot on Saturday morning.

Tomorrow we will make some of the food and prepare the veggies.

In addition we plan to set up the tables in the garage.

Saturday morning some of us will decorate, finish up the food items, set up the tent/chairs/tables while other's will prepare the roasted pork.

Praying for good weather: looks like rain tomorrow but hot and sunny, Fauche weather on Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing many of our family and friends.