Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Shopping prayers answered.

Those of you who know me outside of Sunday morning presentations already know that my clothing choices are comfort based: jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, flannel.

So on learning that we needed to outfit Anna in business FORMAL for a 3 day summit discussing faith and politics in Washington D.C. this summer I did two things. I started to pray and research.

Even during my doctoring period in the USA, my professional wardrobe never came close to the strict recommendations that come with business formal.

I knew that other complicating factors would come to play: only a few days to shop, her 6 foot height, wide shoulders, strong opinions of what she likes, all wrapped up in an understanding of economics and frugality.

Thankful my mom could join us.

Thankful that we could spend precious time together [9 hours] in the car and shops.

SO thankful for a wonderful consignment shop where the majority of needed items were found!

VERY thankful that we found what was needed and will NOT have to head out again for major shopping hunting.

Thankful we can spend the rest of this week together as a whole family before she heads off for camp leadership training at Beechpoint.

Thankful that we can call on the Lord and He provides for our needs and is with us always...even especially when shopping.

To be clear she's still the old Anna though, these are also from this week, her pile of stuff from college and after playing in a rain storm.


Unknown said...

Love this post. Quite the lady! Favorite? The last one. That's our Anna!

Holmes family said...

I love that we can talk to God about anything. Even (especially) 😉 shopping. Every outfit looks great on her!