Saturday, June 30, 2018

Last week in June

Monday: Fritzlin questioned why he had to wear a mask during a visit to the hospital for some he's not sick.

He did fine and enjoyed getting candy and a toy from the treasure box.

Anna's trip to town later in the day resulted in her driving permit!

Tuesday afternoon we visited with friends from Haiti.

Thank you Bruce and Amy for hosting!
Anna learned that her first college roommate is from Cameroon.

Wednesday afternoon we hosted Fritzlin's second foster family.

 The kids enjoyed playing and talking-they've all grown since their last visit. So thankful that the Lord arranged for Fritz's first two foster families who cared for him for over 4 years to live in Michigan so we can visit easier.

Thursday we focused on school, office work, some reading for fun and I [Kris] started my yearly unit of continuing medical education requirements.

Friday (yesterday) both Anna and Fritzlin received good check-ups from the dentist, and then checked out library books.

We met up and visited with Dr. Steve, over ice cream, to introduce him to Fritzlin as he helped us with our adoption paperwork.

We also spent time discussing agriculture in Haiti as Dr. Steve is the founder and director of Starfysh. They run the Life Gardens and moringa leaf powder production on LaGonave.

We returned home to enjoy pizza with my folks, part of my brother's family, and Eli.

Eli returned from spending a week at IWU helping with the Global Partner's missionary kids who's parents were attending Requip training last week.

Hanging out with family, "just because" is one of my favorite things in life.

Watching the love shared by listening to stories, laughing at teasing, or smiling at my brother wrestling with Fritzlin are memories that we cherish.

Today we will hang out with family and attend a friend's open house.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Refuge Ministries here close to Allegan.


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