Sunday, March 11, 2018

Interior walls...first steps

During the busy medical clinics a small crew of three men continued with our interior walls.

Very exciting to see something you worked out on paper be transformed into 3-dementional, full size rooms.

  • Step One: measure, dream and plan.

  • Step Two: Rethink, remeasure, plan again....

  • Step Three: Measure in the house, putting down tape or boards to help you visualize the walls.

  • Step Four: Crew cut and put 1"x2" hollow metal support bars in place with screws.

  • Step Five: Cut, measure, put styrofoam in place.
Foam cut with a tool that has a heated blade but it is slow so most is done with handsaws. 

  • Step Six: Screws with plastic disk tops screw into the iron frame to hold the foam in place. 

  • Step Seven: spray expanding "glue" foam along the joints. Cutting smaller pieces to completely cover the support bars. 

  • Step Eight: Peel off or trim off excess glue once dry. 

  • Step Nine: Draw on foam where electrical plugs, light switches and water lines will be placed. 
This next week...putting the electrical and plumbing in the walls.

Cover the joints with with plaster and fiberglass mesh, then the whole wall gets a layer of plaster, mesh and another coat of plaster. 

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