Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Grand Riviere Clinic Day

Finally a picture of the house during the day without fog. So the house is on the left with the coffee plantation in the middle with Fort Douwet on the right.

We traveled down the mountain on Sunday morning to spend the day with teammates at the Ortlip center.

After a fun day of visiting and swimming in the sea we then got up early on Monday morning to head north.

We dropped off a suitcase and a cat for a teacher at Cowman school from her old roommate who just moved to the USA.

This gave Anna a chance to reconnect with a friend, always a precious time.

Cory was able to check out the trees and plants that he planted at Cowman years ago.

The breadfruit is doing great and fruiting.

We then headed to connect with the team at the hotel, and spent a few hours before supper organizing the supplies for the days of clinic.

We went to bed early.

Yesterday we headed out to clinic. Not the farthest one as it takes the new folks a day to learn the routines, So a middle distance location.

I talked to the group who was waiting while the others set up.

We saw over 91 folks, and most had a simple eye exam to see if they would be helped with reading glasses.

Surprised that many of the folks didn't attend evangelical churches and a few who didn't go to church at all.

Thrilled to talk to the pastor to learn that he is now taking one day a week off from work.

We always go to the same 4 locations and this is our 5th year with the Holy Cross Lutheran team.

I talk to missionaries and pastors about this often...and as I predicted once he established a day of rest that the Lord will bless him, and his family would be happier and his ministry would improve.

The Lord did as I predicted. He also listened to my talks about drinking water for one's health and not pop or sugary drinks. He gave up Coke and this year the drinks he purchased for the team consisted of only water!! No Coke or sugar drinks.

Today we will head to the farthest clinic.

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