Saturday, November 25, 2017

Post-Thanksgiving House Progress.

After enjoying our Thanksgiving feast and a couple days of left-overs time to give you a house update.

Walls continuing to go up.

Rocks being placed on top of wooden forms over the widows.

Corner blocks being placed.

Welder worked this morning on the third corner of the house.

Guys walking the roofing tin over to the house.

Will see how the weather cooperates to work this afternoon as heavier fog started mid-morning and we recently had some sprinkles of rain.

Cleaning and Christmas decorating today as well.

Thankful to hear that our friends were able to bring home their baby boy...not all the test results will be in for a while and he may continue to experience some seizures but praise the Lord he's stable enough to go home.

[Pictures from Thursday and Friday...having trouble with today's].

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