Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 2 in photos

Supports for the 'Q deck'.

 After growing bamboo for years in the North where the price hardly covers a day laborer's wages to cut and de-branch it, Cory was surprised at the cost of the local bamboo.

It is less common than in the North and even after some negotiations and nearly 50% price reduction it is still several times more expensive than in the North, but much less than 2x4's

Chipping out where the 2 x 4's need to go over the water cistern.

Starting to put down the 'Q deck'.

Asked about why the deck over the water cistern was the other direction- need to talk about it again today.

Think the boss' plan needs to change-either the direction needs to change or the 2 x 4 support needs to stay there.

[Anna reports that they will be changing the direction of the q-deck]

Continuing to pray for safety and wisdom.

Last night a thunderstorm came through and strong wind continued thoughout the night.

Praying and hoping nothing blew away down the mountain.

Anna went with Cory this morning to see the progress.

She reports no damage.

Over the boss' head is the road to get here.

The buildings in the distance on the right include a medical center that's being built. Roughly 1/2 hour away.

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