Thursday, July 20, 2017

Moving thoughts...thoughts about moving.

Since being married, most of our moves have been completed in a few days time. Only once, during our our first year in Haiti, did we move slowly across a yard on LaGonave. Our current move will be different because we will move in phases. We plan to pack up most of our household this week in order to be able to focus on the gardens and catching up with friends on our visits to Fauche over the next several months. Then once the house is built and ready to move into, we will finish packing up the house and move the bigger furniture items in a large truck.

Interesting what comes to light along with the emotions and memories when packing up your life for a move. Other than the farm I grew up on, I’ve lived in Fauche the longest period of any other time in my life. I came across a WISH newsletter this week, from August, 1975, talking about my folks - “Larry and Carol have been busy for days packing barrels for shipping their good and supplies to Haiti.” 

Little did they dream how much that move would change and shape our family's lives. 

So many memories of people who sent cards or gifted us items we will take with us. Cards from grandparents and strong supporters, no longer living in this world, continue to encourage even today. So many people who’s fingerprints remain on our lives many years after talking face to face or actively corresponding. Books from “Aunt" Marilyn and Gertrude; a small Japanese bowl, movies, wood pieces, a glass vase, kitchen tools, other tools and gifts from grandparents and friends…I thank each of you again for the impact you had and continue to have on our family. 

Because we plan to shift the majority of our time to Délice, some of the good-byes from friends here have started. I remember my parents expressing during my family's two years of living in Haiti that they wanted to live so that they could leave well when the time came.I understand that so much better as an adult than I did as a child. After 19 years [come September] on the field, I’m sorry to say that we’ve seen more missionaries leave poorly than leave well. 

I’m thankful in a selfish way, to hear that we will be missed when we leave here, because that is so much better than people being happy to see us go. Leaving friends is always the hardest part. Although we will be back for visits we all know it will not be the same. At each location we serve we end up leaving a bit of our hearts. Change = pain. But we hope and pray that our time here will be remembered as a blessing and that people saw our love for the Lord in and through our lives. 

Please pray for our family during this time of transition. [Transitions and major trips tend to make us a bit grumpy!] Pray for the Délice project start up. Pray for our friends at Fauche. Pray for Cory’s guys, John Pierre, Evon, Gener, and Djordy to see what needs to be done and do it right to keep the agricultural work thriving without Cory’s daily supervision. Pray for F’s paperwork so he can join us soon. [Pray for us next week with 7 hours in the truck with Anna’s cat Kody!] Thank you.

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