Monday, July 31, 2017

Délice July Progress.

A week ago we worked hard to pack up some of the house for the trip to Délice.

We will continue to rent the house and keep most of our furniture and the majority of our books at Fauche until our house is ready.

At that point we will use a large truck to get the rest of our belongings from Fauche to Délice.

Tuesday we traveled up the mountain....well up and down, up and down..... and up.

Wednesday we organized our room a bit and in the afternoon all of us walked over to the house site, walking along the new access road which ends at the house.

Crew digging water cistern. 
We saw the work being done to dig out the area for the water cistern which will be under one side of the house.

We praised the Lord for putting good gravel right next to the house!

Orginially we thought that gravel would need to be trasported from the other side of the ridge and over our entire driveway.

This means that we save the labor putting it on and off the truck and the transport time.

Gravel Pit. 
We walked around a bit and discussed where it would be good to put a foot path. We also talked to the guys about no longer allowing cows or horses on the land.

Worship time. 
The rest of our week consisted of working on house plans, school work for Anna, checking out the trees and plants, office work, and housework.

New plant nursery location. 
We enjoyed joining the Agape house kids, teachers, and some staff for worship on Sunday afternoon.

Kodie continues to adjust as well..starting to let him out of our bedroom. He's only explored the hallway and Anna's room on his own.

Today Cory worked to put some of his small plants under shade cloth for protection from the wind, at times intense sun, and wandering chickens.

He also talked with the boss in charge of construction of the cistern, cement floors, and rock walls.

Plant protection.

The beginning of this week will look much like the end of last week.

Cory will catch a ride down mid-week, to travel up to Cap Haitian for some business and pick up some more of our stuff and plants.

 A TWC team comes in on Thursday for a week.

Please be praying for our transition, adoption paperwork, house build: funding, timing, crew, professional help.

To show how close the gravel is to the house site!
Anna is thinking in time the pit can become a small swimming pool / water for the trees.