Monday, March 6, 2017

Meetings and travel

Neighboring mission...orphanage building on left.
Thursday we traveled down to the Ortlip Center for a couple days of meetings with the rest of the Global Partners missionary team.  We headed out 6:50am and arrived arrived about 11:15, just as the boat from LaGonave was unloading the majority of the team.

We enjoyed spending time with the rest of the team, espcially the worship and fellowship time. Anna hung out with the other teens and played with the younger children. This was the second meeting in which she was the oldest 'child' there but it still feels strange to her.

Boy and girl houses
Saturday morning we headed up to visit Délice along with three of our team, 5 visitors, and Brother Clotair, represending the Wesleyan Church of Haiti. He came along to help us see where the property lines were located and brought stakes to mark them.

First a few of us visited the neighbor's building project to see how the work on the orphanage buildings is coming and to gain all the knowledge we could about the process. Looks like we will copy both the dimensions and building process on our house and a guest house. The rest of the visitors took this time to hike up to the fort and see the coffee plantation ruins.

After our visit we spread out on the property until we joind up with Clotair. While the site we saw on our second visit for a house is not owned by the Wesleyans we found a good site with an amazing view, as well as a second site for the guest house.

We walked a bit further West as well to see the local pond. It is currently at its lowest point, seeing how they are at the end of their dry season. We saw many people working up fields with picks in prepareation for planting season.

Saturday night we reviewed our ideas for the inside of the house with a couple of the builders and folks who went with us and listened to some of their ideas. We hope to visit again in May to stake out the locations of the buildings as well as look for a place to build a tool shed that could serve as temporatry houseing for our family during visits before our house is ready.

Sunday morning we headed out after an early breakfast so that we could join the Goniaves church service. Due to a late start and getting a bit lost on where the church was located we arrived after the preaching had started..but still were encoraged with the sermon about obeying the Lord and then sharing communion. Then we continued our journey back home.

Today is a rainy cold day in the north therefore we're working on some house plan ideas, school, and office work. Thank you for the prayers.

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