Thursday, March 16, 2017

Garden & Peach Palm Update-Cory

Gardens are growing well with plenty of rain and sunny days.  About 14" of rain in the past two weeks.

 Recent peach palm harvest, 24 pound bunch of fruit. This tree, planted in 2010, had about 120 pounds of fruit during the past 12 months. The fruit is oily so an orange, vitamin-rich layer of oil floats after boiling but the fruit is still starchy and dry, good in soup or with mayonnaise.

Costa Rica, April 2014 at CATIE

 Planting the garden rented from a family in our church, February 2015. About 525 total planted on mission campus, the rental garden and two purchased gardens.

Same garden this week. Peach palms from Costa Rica. The garden has been regularly planted to mostly corn and beans, also some sugar cane and bananas, so it is regularly weeded by the owner. Looks like some of the palms could start fruiting in about a year.

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