Monday, August 15, 2016

Skipped Blog Week?!

Konsey books for about 180 local teachers plus the trainers.
Not quite sure how I managed to skip blogging last week--sorry!

Looked at our pictures over the last 10 days to remind me: peach palm fruits, mangos, cows on campus, more mangos...

So in addition to this blog you can look forward to one from Cory about mangos as well as one from Anna about her volleyball tournament this past weekend, [once she recovers from little sleep].

Ornamental variety of edible arrow root.

School, clinic chats, gardens, weeding, office work...not very exciting really. Help me out please! If you've been looking for blogs the last week and missing them how about giving me some ideas of what you would like to hear about or questions you would like answered.

Eli finishes up his studies in Germany this week with a final exam on Thursday in his engineering class. German finished up last week..and this week they receive grades. Due to some issues they will have the chance to change this class to an audit if they want.

 He took trips on Friday and Saturday to see more of Germany. Following the final they will have a week to just enjoy Germany. He will remain based in Berlin but enjoy day trips with classmates. He's seeing and walking lots and is glad he worked hard to be able to go.

Cory and I have decided to add prayer walks to our week and so Friday morning we walked around the border of the Fauche campus where we live. We talked about the problems of keeping the living fence around campus free of holes as we passed many places that the neighbors have opened up to make paths into campus.

Not only do people use these short-cuts they also allow livestock onto campus.

Cory and the guys keep replanting the holes only to find them open again, with several repairs done per week. Even barb wire gets cut. We pray that the on-going security problems can be fixed. Cory plans on making some home visits soon to talk to the parents of some of the rascals who have been seen stealing star fruits and one caught in the garden with a bag of pineapples last week. This time of year it isn't very hard to find good mangos on the ground so hunger is not likely to be the motive.

Note that hooked thorns go both directions to catch and prevent release by just backing up.
Yesterday while walking in the gardens Cory was surprised to see an apparently very athletic young man jump over the tall, thorny plants making up the fence (The pineapple-like plants have curved thorns that slice or break off under skin if you brush against them, even through work pants).

Note: Nine years ago today we moved to Fauche!

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