Saturday, August 27, 2016

Beach Volleyball

Yesterday we rose early in the morning and headed down, expecting three other girls, four boys, Jean Pierre, and a few others. 
However when we arrived we found four guys, three gals, in addition to seven little kids. 

We already had a propane tank in the back, and couldn't fit an additional 14 people, on top of my parents, me, and the tank.
 In the end the four guys went by motor cycle, while the fourteen of us headed out.

We eventually arrived at a small sandy beach. 

Although their was a small crowd, we did not commence to play any time soon.

 I and the other older girls played some to one side, sat around, and explored. 

After about three hours our first team finally played a game. 

Our first ladies team, containing our two best spikers,  played first. 

The second teams of both the guys and gals divisions were informed that we weren't going to be able to play. 

Thankfully it was very cloudy, so we didn't have any problem with the sun... most of the time.
After the first teams had played and some time had passed we were told we would play. 

Since they had put our two best spikers on one team, my team was left with the two blockers. 

We won our first match, although not because we were playing our top game. 

The court was shorter than usual, and we had been informed that we could't play a serve with a set.

 I had only played this way for a short game during the previous day's practice, and since my teammate hadn't been informed of the practice she missed it. 

Our next game was against our own team. Since this was a small group of teams, the game against our 1st team was the semi final. 

We had a good game, but lost to our first team, due to giving them many easy points by playing their serves with sets. 

When you are not accustomed to playing without sets then you must play the high serves with an overhand bump. 

Either that or back up quickly, which is very hard in sand when you are used to  nice hard, rough cement. 

Though the other team had some trouble with this, they were both short(er) and didn't have quite as much trouble as us two very tall people. (both about 6 foot) Afterwords they (the 1st team) went on and beat the other team in the finale. 

Our second guy's team did the same, and also lost to our 1st guy's team. 

The 1st went on to win the finally. 

After they finished we piled back into the truck and headed home, racing in front of the rain. 

Those in the back were sprinkled on several times, sadly I was confined to the cab. :( 

We arrived home at about 6:30, tired, and thankful to be home. 

I took a shower and we watched part of a movie before going to bed.

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