Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Home again.

Wonderful worship as a Global Partner's Tribe Sunday morning at General Conference in Buffalo, New York.

Met a few friend's in person for the first time and connected again with some old friends.

Then headed out for the airport. Made it without any trouble to Miami and to the hotel. After a great night's sleep and good breakfast we returned to the airport at 9 a.m. for our flight into Cap Haitian.

Smoothly cleared customs, waiting, boarded the plane and waited. A couple members of the crew needed to be switched out due to the number of hours they worked.

 After a bit we took off, but between receiving our snack packets and the drinks being passed out, the Captain announced that the officials in Cap Haitian had closed the international airport for 'unexpected construction' and we would be turning around to return to Miami.

Once in back in Miami we were informed that the whole plane was rebooked for the next day and that we could proceed to collect our baggage. This took more waiting, about one hour, and then we headed back to the same hotel.

Seven hours round we walked to the nearby Denny's Restaurant for a late lunch / early supper. Cory then contacted American Airlines as the Tuesday flight to Cap Haitian was also cancelled.

Apparently the runway has a hole or a buckle in it which lighter, smaller planes don't have an issue with but the bigger planes can't land on safely.

With the uncertainty of when the bigger planes would be able to fly into Cap we decided to fly on Tuesday to Port-au-Prince. So hot showers, a bit of TV, and early to bed.

Tuesday we returned to the airport at 7 a.m. for our flight. We talked to the American airlines employee about arranging a flight from Port to Cap as we'd heard that a team had made those arrangements. But no, we were told that wasn't possible.

Flight into Haiti was nearly 1/2 empty. No problems.

Cleared immigration and customs in less than one hour and met up with the mission driver.

While he was prepared to drive us a few hours to the Ortlip Center for the night, where on Wed. our truck would drive down from the North [4 hours of rough, dangerous roads] we ended up at the little airport.

[He told us that the Port Margot Fauche volleyball team was talked about on national television a lot when they sent 4 teams to nationals, with two of those teams being champions and a third team coming in second!]

Between the two airports we stopped at the Sunrise Airway's office and booked 4 tickets on the afternoon flight up to Cap Haitian. We then proceeded to the little airport, checked in, and ate some snacks we had for lunch while waiting for our flight.

The plane came from Cuba a bit late but once we were in the air the flight is only 30 minutes. Our guys picked us up and we made it home before dark and before a thunderstorm. Thank you Lord!

[You may be wondering about no people pictures: well some of our tribe live and work in very sensitive areas around the world and should not have pictures on public media as being part of our tribe. Second we focused on people and connecting more than photos.]

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