Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day weekend.

A nice family weekend experienced by all. 

Talks, laughing, videos, games, song, hamburgers, and mulberry pie enjoyed by each of us.

For Father's Day we walked down to the river before church to celebrate with four young women who were baptized. 

The hot, muggy weather helps many of the trees and plants to grow but caused some leaf spot disease with the peanut crops.
The peach palm by the road continues to grow and bloom.

The dragon fruit plants also bloomed this weekend.

We enjoyed a second face time with F this week. 

We like hearing a bit about his week: school, a camp out, playing with his goat. 

It is a joy to watch his face as he rubs his eyes fighting off sleep [skipped nap time to play] or expressions as he tries to answer our questions.

Anna is off to enjoy the beach with a team from OMS seminary who surprised her with an early morning invitation to pick her up as they went by campus on their way to ChouChou Bay.

Eli decided to stay home and hang out with the folks. Yeah for us. 

Spent a few hours chatting to waiting folks at clinic. 

Lots of moms with young children today so I'm hopeful that each learned at least one thing that can help them live healthier lives.

Cory came down and gave out cuttings for chaya. 

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